Friday, 26 April 2013

30 Days of Trans - Days 24 and 25 (music thanks to Benny Hill)

Day 24 - Who is your favorite LGBT actor/musician/director/artist etc and why
Thursday 25th April

I'm not sure that I have a favourite LGBT actor, musician or artist. In fact I've had to spend some time on Google looking up people that are LGBT.

As a result I've narrowed it down to a number of people.

John Barrowman – has to be in the list because of his appearances on shows such as Doctor Who and Torchwood of which I'm a big fan. I've seen him on other shows as well and he's a very talented entertainer.

Adele Anderson – I came across Fascinating Aida years ago and loved their work because although its musical it has a comedy aspect to it. I've always enjoyed music that has that aspect to it, probably ever since I first heard Ernie the Fastest Milkman in the West by Benny Hill.

Clive Barker – I read some of his books when I was younger. One of my favourite films is Nightbreed based on one of his books. Stories about characters that normally would be the villains and making them the heroes always appeals to me. I suppose its the idea that appearances can be deceptive and that we should always take the time to get to know someone rather than going on first appearances.

Fay Presto – I remember seeing her on TV in the past and as I enjoy magic and have dabbled briefly with it then she would have to be in any list I make.

Finally I have to include Caroline Cossey. I remember seeing her in For Your Eyes Only and then finding out that she was transsexual afterwards. Anyone that can undergo gender reassignment and then go and do something that they love even though it is so visible to other people while running the risk that they will be discovered for who they once was is very brave in my book.

A bit of a musical interlude from Mr Hill, apologies for the lack of an image but Blogger couldn't find the actual video on YouTube that I liked for some reason and the embed code didn't have an thumnail associated with it. Ooh, look at me getting almost technical.

Day 25 - Doctor visits
Friday 26th April

Since transitioning I spend more time with medical professionals than before, whether they are doctors, nurses or others.

At the gender identity clinic I see a counsellor every 6 weeks, my next one is due next week, and my doctor every 3 months. The counselling sessions last for about an hour, the appointment with the doctor lasts up to 30 minutes.

I also go to my GP every couple of months to have blood tests done by one of the nurses in order to check my hormone levels. Other than that I still only go to see my GP when I find that I'm feeling unwell and its not something that a couple of paracetamol or some cold and flu remedy will deal with. I did notice that last year I was far less ill with colds than I have been in previous years, I put it down to having less stress post-transition.

Other than that I see a speech therapist and I'm also having laser hair removal so I have to go and pay them visits every so often.
Work have been fine about me having time off. I try to arrange it in order to minimise things and usually work up the hours I'm having off for appointments or I take the time off as leave.

My other experiences with doctors and hospitals have varied.
When I took my son into hospital for one of his follow-up appointments it all went smoothly as most people were already aware of my status.
When my Mum was in hospital recently again everything went without a hitch.
When I had to take my Dad into A&E most of the people I came into contact with it was fine, even at stupid o'clock in the morning. There was only one doctor that I had an issue with and that was when he referred to me as “your son” when talking to my Dad.

I know that people's experience of the medical profession varies, especially when it comes to gender reassignment. So far mine has been quite positive and hopefully will do for some time to come.

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