Monday, 29 April 2013

30 Days of Trans - Day 28

Day 28 - What is something you have to do everyday or else you feel like your whole day is off if you don't do it
Monday 29th April

I'm not sure that I have anything that I have to do everyday or my day is off. There is one thing that I like to do, I don't have to do it but I usually manage it and that is to get up before everybody else, usually a good hour before them so that I can have a coffee, check my emails and browse the web, watch a bit of television if there's anything on that interests me and simply ease myself into the day.

Ever since I graduated and started work I've been getting up at about 6am. My Dad used to do the same when he was working, in fact both Dad and Mum are still up between 6 and 7 in the morning and they have been retired for years now.

When my son was born he used to wake up for a feed at about 7am. I used to get up at 6, have that first coffee, sort myself out and then get ready for when he woke up so that I could give him his feed.

Sometimes I find it frustrating when I get up and someone else then gets up during that first hour, especially if they start talking to me and want to have a conversation. That can get my day off to a bad start but generally it doesn't.

Still its nice to have an hour to yourself at the start of the day before everyone and everything demands your attention.

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