Saturday, 26 September 2015

Going to the Palace

I've a new post over at my triathlon blog. I seem to have this overwhelming desire to do some racing next year for some reason.

Monday, 7 September 2015

New burlesque post amongst other things

I've added a new post over at Mira's blog. It includes a video of me performing my True Love routine but with a slightly more adult approach to it. Hence I've changed the blog to have an adult content rating.

In other news I've been signed off work for one more month and will be returning to work on the 1st October, a Thursday so a short week for me :-) Its entirely possible that Occupational Health will make me do a staged return to work after 5 months sick leave. Its going to be a bit frustrating but if that's the case I'll have to put up with it.

We are heading back up to Bristol in 11 days so that Rhys can have the surgery to remove his meningioma. The 17th will be a long day for everyone but him. 10 hours of surgery and he gets to sleep through it. Tracey and I will have to find lots to keep us occupied. I think a lot of wandering around shopping centres and malls plus maybe a movie will be called for.

Recently I also commented on an article about transgender athletes, in particular triathletes. As a result there is the possibility that I'll be chatting with the author of the article at some point in the future and our discussion may form part of an article that she will be writing in the future.

On Sunday, for the first time in over a year I went to church. It was the first Sunday in the month and so the service was held at a local community centre. It was nice catching up with people and I plan on going more regularly when we return from our trip to Bristol.

Saturday evening I went out with the girls to a local burlesque show. We had a real hoot. As we'd gone for the VIP option our table was right next to the stage, which was great as the hosts as well as the show's promoter knew that we were also burlesque performers. The performers were fabulous and all of their acts superb fun. I even ended up holding the mic for one of the hosts while she was putting on some gloves to take part in an impromptu burlesque lesson. This drew attention to me, especially as the longer she took to put on the gloves the lower her head got as every time she lowered her head I tried to move the mic lower as well. Eventually this prompted a comment from her. Something along the lines of "I'm going to end up on the floor if you keep lowering that thing". :-)

Our little group stood out slightly from everyone else as we'd gone for a theme of pencil skirt, white blouse, underbust corset and flower in the hair. I opted to attach my flower, which ended up being a flower shaped bow for attaching to presents, to a pair of goggles for a Steampunk effect.

By the end of the evening my feet were killing me because being laced into a corset meant I couldn't reach my feet to take off my stilettos. Something to note for next time :-)

The post show disco was a lot of fun, especially when they started playing the Timewarp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I'm a sucker for that song and quickly found myself up on the stage with two other people, a guy and one of the other girls from out group. A few people noticed us and some really "nice" member of our group decided that they would take pictures. Hmm!!

Saturday was fun and highlighted just out much I've changed as a person in the last 4 years. Prior to transition I would never have dreamed of getting up on a stage like that and dancing in front of people, even if most of them had their backs to us. I'd have most likely been sat down trying to avoid dancing. Now I don't mind getting up on the dance floor, providing the music is right. It much more fun doing things like that because its easier for women to get up on the dance floor and dance together. Guys tend to have to get up and be dancing with a girl, or a group of girls, and sometimes that's not easy to do.