Friday, 26 March 2010

twiddling my thumbs

Well I've had the second part of my assessment.

It actually took a lot less time than the first assessment. All of 5 minutes in fact. Dawn, the nurse, apologised for dragging me back for such a short appointment and told me that I was being referred to a GIC in Newton Abbot and also to a consultant psychiatrist in Taunton. I can't fault the decision. I'm making progress at last.

Dawn asked me if I'd mentioned what I was doing to my wife. I'd been waiting for this second assessment so I hadn't. When Dawn asked me when I planned to, I told her that I'd wait until I'd seen the doctor in Taunton. She wasn't surprised by this.

The best thing that came out of the discussion was that she told me that I didn't have any mental health problems.

Unfortunately she didn't put that in writing. I've a colleague at work who has had it confirmed in writing that he is sane. Not sure about the fact that the confirmation was in crayon though. Note to self, make sure any confirmations of sanity are in pen.

Interestingly, or not, my sanity jokingly came up in conversation the same evening and I lightheartedly said that I'd had it confirmed be people who should know that I was sane. I managed to avoid having to explain myself.

Today I had a letter in the post with my appointment with the psychiatrist. 21st April. 3 weeks time. I expect between now and then I'm going to get very nervous and impatient.

I was hoping to be able to book to get my hair done the day of the appointment. I doubt that will be possible as it will take just over an hour to get from the hairdressers to Taunton and I reckon that it will might take the best part of an hour for me to get my hair washed, cut and blow dryed. Maybe just maybe I'll make an appointment to get my hair done earlier in the week and also book for a bodywax, eyebrow pluck and eyelash tint at the salon.

Monday, 15 March 2010


Well I had my gender clinic referal assessment today.

I arrived on time, just about as I had been hanging around waiting for the wife to come back from collecting some things and she'd got delayed. Fortunately the clinic is only a 10 minute walk from home so I was able to leave it until the last minute to leave.

I was seen by two nurses and not the therapists I was expecting. One took notes while the other took the lead and asked me questions.

It should have taken between 45 minutes and an hour but within 25 minutes we had finished and I was leaving.

The lead nurse has asked that I come back in a week and a half for a follow up meeting as she needs to discuss things with a colleague.

I'm looking at this in a postive way as she could have told me that she wouldn't refer me to a gender clinic but then she could also have told me that she would. All I can do is wait and see what happens the week after next.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Ladies that lunch

Just thought I'd share something with you that happened today.

I've always wanted to be able to be join in with some of the other women when they are having lunch and chatting. I've sat with them in the past but usually that's when one of them comes and joins me. I've not been able to get into their conversations easily though.

Well today that almost happened.

I had just gotten my lunch when I noticed B one of the women sitting on her own eating lunch. I walked over to her table with my lunch and asked if I could join her. She was fine with it so I sat down. I asked where P and M the other two women that usually join her were and she said that they were both away.

I'd planned on eating my lunch and then going back to my desk but we got chatting about various work things, her ex-husband who is likely to be shafted by his new wife because they are not getting on and he has just come into some money. We ended up talking about the fact that she is now much more independent and how men struggle to deal with her sometimes and think that she is "a hard-faced bitch". Before I knew it the lunch hour was over and we had to go back to work.

It was so lovely just being able to talk with her. I wanted to say that I'd read somewhere that women can get men to be more receptive if they use terms like "I would like" and not "I want". It would have been nice to get her opinion on this. It was also interesting to hear her opinion of our HR department. She is not a great fan of them anymore as they put her and some of the other PAs through the ringer last year when they were looking at making two of them redundant.

It does make me wonder what HR will be like with me when the time comes.

I also have to confess that I couldn't keep my eyes from looking at her face. She must be late forties, early fifties and is very slim. She's also really attractive and if circumstances had been totally different to what they are I'd have given serious thoughts to asking her out a long time ago.

To be honest she is the type of woman that I would love to have as a Mistress. She would make a wonderful one. She has a wonderful dress sense too and is someone who could teach me so much about how to dress appropriately.

Anyway, that was a really hour for me and one I'm really glad to have experienced.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Clearing up the confusion

In an earlier post I mentioned that I got told off my two friends at church. One of them, our vicars wife, then mentioned to me about getting involved in the prayer ministry at the church. I was seriously puzzled by this as I would have thought it the last thing that they would have asked me to do.
On Sunday S, who along with her husband is the friend that I discussed standing down from various thinngs with, wanted a chat with me. We managed to find a quiet corner and have arranged for me to meet up with her, the vicar and H, his wife, on Friday evening for me to receive prayer ministry.
While we were chatting S mentioned that she had spoken to H about the fact that I was confused by the invite.
H explained that she hadn't intended to invite me to take part but had been about to tell me that I shouldn't take part. However, at the point she started to tell me this, my wife had walked up and H, thinking quickly, had changed the direction the conversation was going to something that would be more innocent.

At least that bit of confusion is cleared up.