Friday, 26 March 2010

twiddling my thumbs

Well I've had the second part of my assessment.

It actually took a lot less time than the first assessment. All of 5 minutes in fact. Dawn, the nurse, apologised for dragging me back for such a short appointment and told me that I was being referred to a GIC in Newton Abbot and also to a consultant psychiatrist in Taunton. I can't fault the decision. I'm making progress at last.

Dawn asked me if I'd mentioned what I was doing to my wife. I'd been waiting for this second assessment so I hadn't. When Dawn asked me when I planned to, I told her that I'd wait until I'd seen the doctor in Taunton. She wasn't surprised by this.

The best thing that came out of the discussion was that she told me that I didn't have any mental health problems.

Unfortunately she didn't put that in writing. I've a colleague at work who has had it confirmed in writing that he is sane. Not sure about the fact that the confirmation was in crayon though. Note to self, make sure any confirmations of sanity are in pen.

Interestingly, or not, my sanity jokingly came up in conversation the same evening and I lightheartedly said that I'd had it confirmed be people who should know that I was sane. I managed to avoid having to explain myself.

Today I had a letter in the post with my appointment with the psychiatrist. 21st April. 3 weeks time. I expect between now and then I'm going to get very nervous and impatient.

I was hoping to be able to book to get my hair done the day of the appointment. I doubt that will be possible as it will take just over an hour to get from the hairdressers to Taunton and I reckon that it will might take the best part of an hour for me to get my hair washed, cut and blow dryed. Maybe just maybe I'll make an appointment to get my hair done earlier in the week and also book for a bodywax, eyebrow pluck and eyelash tint at the salon.

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