Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Clearing up the confusion

In an earlier post I mentioned that I got told off my two friends at church. One of them, our vicars wife, then mentioned to me about getting involved in the prayer ministry at the church. I was seriously puzzled by this as I would have thought it the last thing that they would have asked me to do.
On Sunday S, who along with her husband is the friend that I discussed standing down from various thinngs with, wanted a chat with me. We managed to find a quiet corner and have arranged for me to meet up with her, the vicar and H, his wife, on Friday evening for me to receive prayer ministry.
While we were chatting S mentioned that she had spoken to H about the fact that I was confused by the invite.
H explained that she hadn't intended to invite me to take part but had been about to tell me that I shouldn't take part. However, at the point she started to tell me this, my wife had walked up and H, thinking quickly, had changed the direction the conversation was going to something that would be more innocent.

At least that bit of confusion is cleared up.

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  1. That's much clearer now, thank you. I guess it took some very quick thinking.