Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Salon Makeover

Yesterday I had an appointment at the beauty salon. Initially it was for a full bodywax and an eyebrow wax followed up by a makeup lesson.

The bodywaxing didn't hurt as much as it has before. There were some painful bits but generally it was ok. I've got a fairly high pain threshold I think. Mind you after my last waxing the hairs there are fewer hair growing back so that helped too.

Zee tells me that with quite a few of the men that go in to have waxing she has to stop part way through because it hurts too much. The worst bit was actually when she was plucking stray hairs from my eyebrows.
While I was being waxed we briefly talked about electrolysis as that is something I'm going to need to have at some point.

The other thing that we talked about was whether her hairdresser would be willing to cut and style my hair as I grow it out. Her hairdresser had told her that she was happy to take me on as a client so hopefully I'll get a phone call from her when Zee passes my number on. If not then I'll get the details when I go for my next appointment at the salon as in another 8 weeks time my hair should be at the point it needs a cut and is long enough to start doing something with.

When Zee was doing my eyebrows she said that once I'm further along with things that I should think about getting an eyebrow and eyelash tint. I've had my eyelashes tinted before and nobody noticed anything so that is something that I'm looking forward to now.

After my body and eyebrow wax were complete we moved on to the more interesting and less painful part of the session. The makeup lesson.

Normally they do makeup lessons in the main part of the salon but yesterday Zee made an exception and we did mine in the treatment room. While she was getting all the makeup and brushes that she might need I slipped back into tights.

Oh forgot to mention yesterday I wore tights and panties all day, including to work. I'm going to be aiming to wear them to work all week. Its my punishment for not phoning Sam when I was supposed to the other week. Tights and panties to work under my male attire for a week. Friday should be interesting as we have a wear red day for charity. I've got a red thong I'm going to wear.

Back to the plot.

Over the top of my panties and tights I slipped on a top and a pair of jeans. Top was from Tesco, jeans Debenhams.

Zee started off by rummaging through my makeup to see what I had. She found my beard cover and setting powder and had me put that on. Once it was nicely blended she produced one of the compact powder that they used and put a covering off that over the top of my very pale base layer. Now that was something I'd never thought of but it certainly added colour to my complexion again.

Next came the blusher which highlighted my cheekbones nicely but not too strongly. We were aiming for a day time look. Something that I could wear to go shopping but could jazz up for nighttime.

Eye makeup came next. Now I've always done my eye the same way but Zee showed me a subtly different way to do them. A very light eyeshadow all over the eye, right up to the eyebrow as a base. A slightly darker colour for the inside to about the middle of the eyelid and then a darker shade for the outside. So far nothing that I didn't already do. I found out while she was doing this that I can wear any colour eyeshadow. My blue eyes let me get away with it apparently. Yay!

Next though she ditched the eyeliner instead using a dark eyeshadow and using this to outline the eye. Now that was something I hadn't come across but it certainly looked good. Eyebrows were done with a gel in order to make sure that they were tidy.

Finally it was mascara on the eyelashes. I always put to much on. Zee only did the tips of the eyelashes. She said that because my eyelashes are such a blonde colour that having them tinted would help me to not need as much mascara. Since I invariably manage to poke myself in the eye when I do my mascara anything that stops the bloodshot look is good.

When it came to my lips Zee explained about why we use lipliner, to stop the lipstick bleeding from the lips, and pointed out that once your lipstick is on then you shouldn't be able to see the liner, something I end up with from time to time.

Zee used two of my lipsticks and combined the colours to give me a lovely pinky shade suitable for daytime. As my eyeshadows were more of a neutral colour and so didn't stand out hugely then the lips could be made to stand out more. If my eyeshadows had stood out more then we'd have had to tone down the lips and not made them stand out so much.

I was very happy with the finished look. I'd brought my wigs with me so to complete the look I tried on each of them and Zee took some pictures. Same makeup, different wig, different look.

This is me in the wig that I got when I went to the Albany Clinic in Manchester and had the ladies at the Transformation shop across the road do my makeup for me.

 This is the finsihed makeup. It took a couple of attempts to get the light right for this close up.
Going lighter. This is the oldest of the three wigs that I have. I like the highlights but its isn't my favourite. Zee did say for both this and the Manchester wig that I could use hair accessories to allow me to play with the styles more.
Strike a pose. Look at the size of my hand in that picture! I've grown a spade from the end of my arm.

Both Zee and I agreed that this was our favourite wig of the three. I got this because I wanted something a bit longer and which I would be able to play around with and do things with. Hopefully I'll be able to get my own hair this long so that I can do lots of girly styles with it.

Last but not least this is what Zee said was me being playful. It my favourite of all of the pictures. 

I've still got a long way to go before I feel that I could really pass in the street. I need to practice with my makeup more and also need to look at some of the clothes I wear, I think that top would have looked much nicer with a cardigan or something hiding my arms. They aren't my best feature by any stretch of the imagination.

Before I got changed Zee took some pictures for her portfolio using the camera on her phone. I might try and print of some of these pictures and let her have some.

It was lovely having the makeup removed as Zee was so gentle as she applied the cleansing lotion and then removed the makeup with warm flannels and cotton wool pads. I could have laid there all day.

I can't think of when I've had a more relaxing and enjoyable time than yesterday morning at the salon. 7 or 8 weeks until the next session is going to feel like a lifetime but at least by then I'll know what is happening with regards to being referred to the gender clinic.


  1. The last of the three wigs flatter you but as you're able to have your natural hair restyled that's even better! Bet you enjoyed the makeover.]
    Regards sissygurl belinda

  2. sissygurl belinda,

    The long wig is my favourite. As I said to Zee I can play around with that more than I can the shorter lengths.

    When my own hair is long enough to play around with I'm going to enjoy it so much more.

    I think both Zee and I enjoyed the makeover. The make-up lesson was only supposed to last for an hour but by the time we'd finished it was closer to an hour and a half. Fortunately I was her only booking for the day as she finished at 1pm.

    I must admit what I really found nice was the way that Zee kept studying my face throughout the makeover. It was such an intense look. Whenever I have had someone do my makeup I've never had them look at me like that.