Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Three weeks until my assessment to see if my local NHS Trust will put we forward for GRS.

On March 15th I get to meet with two therapists.

I've been waiting several weeks since I saw my GP and she agreed to refer me. Yesterday morning I phone up the doctors to see if they had heard anything. The receptionist told me that they hadn't received anything but did give me a contact number for the hospital and suggested I give them a ring to see where I was on the waiting list.

Well yesterday was busy and I didn't have a chance to ring the hospital.

When I got home last night though there was a letter on the side with Private and Confidential stamped on the front. The envelope looked as if it either it hadn't been sealed properly or someone had tried to open it.

When I opened it inside was confirmation of my appointment. I might need to think about being more patient in future.

The worrying bit about this is the fact that the envelope looked as if it might have been opened. Hopefully the wife didn't open it to have a nose inside. She hasn't said anything, not even about the letter itself. I'll have to see what develops there as its still a bit too early to explain to her what I'm doing.

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  1. I've had the odd official letter look that way. Maybe they're trying to save money on envelopes by using cheaper ones?
    The good news is you have the confirmation just try and prepare for thatr first appointment - what you wish to say and also what you'll be wearing.
    Love sissygurl belinda