Monday, 15 March 2010


Well I had my gender clinic referal assessment today.

I arrived on time, just about as I had been hanging around waiting for the wife to come back from collecting some things and she'd got delayed. Fortunately the clinic is only a 10 minute walk from home so I was able to leave it until the last minute to leave.

I was seen by two nurses and not the therapists I was expecting. One took notes while the other took the lead and asked me questions.

It should have taken between 45 minutes and an hour but within 25 minutes we had finished and I was leaving.

The lead nurse has asked that I come back in a week and a half for a follow up meeting as she needs to discuss things with a colleague.

I'm looking at this in a postive way as she could have told me that she wouldn't refer me to a gender clinic but then she could also have told me that she would. All I can do is wait and see what happens the week after next.

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  1. Fingers crossed then and it wasn't too awkward feeling then was it? I can understand people feeing that way as of necessity they have to delve into your soul.

    Regards sissygirl belinda