Friday, 16 April 2010

Visit to the hairdresser

A while back I posted that I had given control of getting my hair cut to Sam. I had promised him that I would grow my hair longer and would not get it cut short without his permission.

I've kept my promised but I've been seriously in need of getting my wild locks tamed. My only problem was that I didn't know which were good hairdressers where I lived and more importantly which would be willing to help me to grow it long enough and in such a way that I could put it into a feminine style when I wanted to.

Enter Zee from the beauty salon. I asked her a while back if she could suggest any hairdressers close to where I lived. Unfortunately she didn't know any locally to the salon as she lives a fair bit away from the salon. Over half an hour drive away in fact.

"Are you prepared to travel?" Zee asked me.

Well, as I have a car I  don't have a problem with travelling a bit of a distance, just as long as it isn't too far. When I told her this Zee suggested that I could use the same hairdresser as she did. Her hairdresser lives just over half an hour drive from where I live and as I know the town that she is based in then I was more than happy with that. Zee said that she would have a word and see whether her hairdresser would be prepared to take me on.

When I went for my makeover with Zee recently I asked her if what her hairdresser had said. Lou, Zee's hairdresser, was more than happy to take me on as a client. She had told Zee to get me to ring and arrange an appointment.

The other week I did just that. I phoned Lou's salon and spoke to one of her staff. The young lady on the phone asked who I was so I told her my name. When she told Lou who was on the phone all I could hear was a very enthusiastic "oh, yes, I know who it is". I made an appointment for yesterday evening when the salon was going to be quiet.

What can I say about last night? It was one of the best experiences I've had recently.

Lou is a really bubbly, chatty, friendly, outgoing woman.

The salon was empty when I arrived and Lou had let the rest of the staff finish early. While I sat in a chair she locked the door so that nobody could come in and disturb us. Lou asked me what it was that I was trying to achieve and after checking what Zee had told her I explained that I wanted to grow my hair out and why.

Before we went any further I told her that I'd brought some wigs with me and she asked to see them. Lou looked at the three wigs I'd brought and suggested that we went into the back of the salon where people wouldn't be able to see as the place is on a main road and any one looking through the window can see everything going on inside.

In the back of the salon I showed Lou some pictures of me in the wigs so that she could get an idea of what they looked like.

Lou had me sit in a chair and put my wig with blonde highlights on me. She brushed it around a bit to get it looking as best she could. It doesn't have the softness of my other wigs so she asked if it was alright for her to cut it a bit to try and softening it. As you can imagine I had no problem with that and let her have her way with it. A few minutes later and she was done. It definitely looked better.

With the wig finished Lou made a start on my hair.

She was full of questions. I told her about the last attempt I'd made to grow my hair longer and how far I'd managed. When I explained about getting it all cut off she told me off.

Lou is a fantastic hairdresser, she had worked out what I liked and didn't like with regard to my hair within minutes of me walking into the salon.

She trimmed my hair in order to get it under control and I must say that I am so much happier with it than I was before I arrived there. While she was cutting it we chatted about my plans to transition and the chat just flowed. I'm glad that there was nobody else in the salon as I can't imagine what they would have thought of our conversation.

Once she had finished cutting it Lou gave me some suggestions as to ways for me to look after it. She also came out with suggestions for things that I could do with my hair once it has grown out. One of these being that I could go for a big hair look, even something like the way that she had her hair put up.

All throughout she kept telling me not to think about getting it cut short and that if it ever started to annoy me then I was to give her a ring.

As I was getting ready to leave Lou asked me if I had ever used straighteners on my hair. Well I did use straighteners the last time I grew it out as it was the only way that I could get it into a shape that I could pull it back into a style that didn't get in the way in my day to day male life. Lou suggested that when I go next time that we might have a play with some small straighteners and see what we can achieve.

Well in 6 weeks time I guess we'll find out.

During the drive home last night I found myself thinking that I am so lucky. I've got two wonderful women, one who is looking after my hair and one who looks after the defuzzing of my body. What more could a person want!

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