Tuesday, 27 April 2010

One down

Well today was one big day for me as I came out about transitioning to my sister.

I emailed my sister at the end of last week to try and find out what she thought of my wife and my relationship with her. After a very long response from her and an equally long one back from me, a very cryptic email which hinted at things but didn't actually come out with what I'm doing, I had a message telling me that I could phone her at lunchtime today.

Noon arrived and I sat in the car and rang her from my mobile.

When she asked what was up I explained that I'd had a problem for a long time and that I'd been to see a psychiatrist. When she asked why I responded with "how would you like a sister instead of a brother".

She was a bit nonplussed by that so I explained that I wanted to be a woman and no longer a man and that I was going through the process of gender reassignment and had seen the psychiatrist in order to get a referal to a gender clinic in Newton Abbot.

My sister took it  pretty well I thought. I told her to let me know how she felt once she'd digested everything.

I explained that I had to tell our mum and dad as well as my wife and son before the psychiatrist will let me go any further.

Even though my parents are coming down to stay for a few days later this week I'm not going to have a good opportunity to explain things to them so will have to pay a visit after they have gone back home.

This afternoon my sister surprised me though. She sent me a text message in which she offered to come down to our parents when I go to see them and explain things. I was completely unprepared for that. I just hope that everyone else is as supportive.


  1. That stuff is always troubling but your appear to have understanding family which helps.

  2. sissygurl belinda,
    I'm going to be seeing my parents this week on Thursday. They don't know about it yet.
    I'm planning on getting up to see them as early as I can in the morning.
    Hopefully everything will go reasonably well. If it doesn't then so be it.