Saturday, 8 May 2010

Getting sporty

Tomorrow morning I've got to be up very early. A quick bite of food and then I've got to pack the bike on top of the car, through my kit bag in the bag and then get around to the local waterpark so that I can get set up for my first triathlon of the year and my third race.
I've done two running races so far this year. A short 7 mile race local to where I live in February and a 20 mile race at Seaton in Devon in March. Both of them were cross country.
Tomorrow I've got a nice chilly 400m swim in a lake, a 20km bike ride around the Cotswolds and then a 5km run around same lake as I'm going to swim in.
There are quite a few others racing and my wave starts at 8:20am. Hopefully I'll be crossing the finish line by quarter to ten.
I've got another three triathlons planned this year. Two in June, one at Blenheim Palace and the other at Bala in Wales. The last triathlon is the big one and is an ironman distance race in Nottingham. I'm really looking forward to all of them, the ironman with a little bit of trepidation.
Hopefully the weather will be slightly better than forecast, its certainly looking reasonable out there at the moment. Fingers crossed the weathermen have got it wrong.

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