Wednesday, 19 May 2010

New outfit

I ordered an outfit from M & S on the weekend. I'm going to pick it up tomorrow from the local store.
I've got an  Autograph pure silk short sleeve shift dress, linen blend open front oblong cardigan and T-Bar high heel platform shoes waiting for me.
I can't wait until I get the chance to where them, which will be the week after next. My family are going to stay at my sister-in-laws for a few days and so I've got the house to myself and the chance to relax and be me for a few days.
Well at least a few evenings anyway as my mornings are going to be busy, apart from one, helping with a children's holiday club and the rest of the time I'll be working. Monday and Tuesday evening and all of the Thursday are me time.
On the Tuesday afternoon I'm going to be getting a bodywax and eyelash tint so that I feel and look my best for Thursday. I'm so tempted to take the new outfit with me to show Zee. I might even take it with me next week to show Lou when she does my hair.
I would love to be able to invite some of the friends who have been helping me by providing me with somebody to talk to so that they can meet Jenny. I think it might be a bit too early for that. However, I might mention to them that I'm going to have some me time for the first time in ages.
The Thursday will be a really special day and the reason that I've bought the dress. Finally Sam and I are going to meet up face to face. He is coming around for lunch and a chat.
Oh it will be so good to be able to spend some time as the submissive housewife to a dominant male. I really can't wait to cook for him and look after him like a proper wife would. I'm hoping that he'll take me in his arms, kiss me and make me feel like his wife.
Sam is going to take some pictures of me as well so I'll post some of me in my new dress afterwards.


  1. M&S do have some good everyday stuff in and are good with exchanging goods.

  2. sissyburl belinda,
    I've bought a few things from M & S recently as they do store pickup and other than Bhs they are the only big store within an hours drive of me.
    They do have some lovely stuff, I'll try and post some pictures of me in the dress and cardigan next week.