Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Lashes of, well, lashes

As I mentioned in my last post I had an appointment at the beauty salon yesterday. It was fun as usual. Zee did the body and eyebrow waxes as normal.

After all that was done we moved onto the eyelash tint. Lou had mentioned getting my eyelashes tinted blue when I was at the hair salon last week. I'd ruled that idea out then so yesterday I said to Zee that brown would be good, black or blue not good as it would stand out too much.

Normally women have black or blue/black but brown is possible as its what is normally used for eyebrows.

Until I've come out to people understated is good. Obvious is not good. Brown eyelashes it was.

Well after Zee had finished tinting my lashes they do stand out. Not so much that people have noticed and said anything. In fact I suspect most people haven't even noticed. The wife did give me a funny look just before she turned the light out last night but didn't say anything. Of course for someone who hadn't noticed that I'd had my hair tidied up then it was probably nothing. She did notice the smoothness on my arms and legs though. I managed to change the topic and as the light was out she didn't turn it back on to look.

Next time I get my lashes tinted it will probably be brown again but you can bet that before long I'll be on the blue/black tint, at least if Zee has any say in the matter. Of course if she and Lou gang up on me then I'm like to end up with it sooner rather than later.

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