Thursday, 22 April 2010

In the Pink

Last post for this week, unless something interesting happens before Monday.

Tonight I went along to the Growing Leaders course that I've been doing since last year at church.

When I ran in the Grizzly back in March, not something I posted about here but something I'll remedy with all of the other races I have coming up later in the year, like all of the other finishers I received a lovely pink tee-shirt. I've wondered when I'm going to get the opportunity to wear it. I almost wore it to church a few weeks ago but from the families looks decided that I'd forgo that pleasure. Tonight was different. Tonight none of the family wear with me so I decided I could wear the tee-shirt.

Out I went in jeans, trainers, pink tee-shirt and a grey zipped hooded fleece.

I got a couple of comments from people, one from the vicar which led to a discussion about the race and a couple of comments from some of the women. Nothing negative but equally nothing that could be taken to be overly positive.

Still if it starts people getting used to me wearing things that aren't strictly masculine then all to the good.

The other interesting thing was that for the first time since I went to the salon last week and had my hair done someone actually commented on it. I was asked if I'd had my hair cut so I said just trimmed. Most people are used to seeing me with very short hair, I've been getting my hair cut with clippers with bare blades so a zero or less setting on the clippers. Almost a skinhead haircut.

Now that I'm growig it out some people have noticed. The one person who mentioned it the most hadn't seen me with long hair and said that she'd done the long hair bit but had got fed up with it. Her hair is now almost shoulder length but is very curly. I did point out that I'd had hair that was heading for shoulder length but had got it cut. I'm not sure if she could quite picture me looking like that. Soon enough she will though.

It was quite nice sitting there in my jeans, trainers, pink tee-shirt and fleece as since I have a transparent matte nail polish on my fingernails I actually felt quite feminine and felt like I fitted in with some of the younger women. Hopefully I'll fit in with them even more during and after my transition.

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