Wednesday, 24 April 2013

30 Days of Trans - Day 23

Day 23 - What stereotypes are put on trans people
Wednesday 24th April

I think that people see us in ways that fit with their prejudices.
They see us as gay men or women that can't accept that we fancy people of the same gender as us and so transform ourselves into the opposite gender to satisfy our own sexual needs.
They see us as men or women that have a thing about the clothing of the opposite sex and who go to extreme lengths to satisfy that desire.
They see us as drag queens.

After my partner's sister had seen me for the first time after I'd transitioned I found out that her response was “it wasn't as bad I'd expected.” What she'd been expecting was some over made up, badly or tartily dressed person. What she got was someone wearing no more make-up than some women I know and wearing jeans, tee-shirt and sweater, which was similar to what she herself was wearing. That was her impression of what I would look like and was influenced by people she'd seen on TV or in the street. The reality was completely different.

Most people think that they know how we will appear, how we will behave. Most people walk by us in the street without even realising it.

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