Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sugar and Spiced - Part 2

After wandering from Jo's house to the cemetary in Southsea and then back after having lots of pictures taken it was time for a bit of fun and some more pictures.
When I'd discuss with Jo what I wanted to get from my time one of the things I'd mentioned was having some pictures taken of me in bondage, I'd noticed some pictures of other girls on her website.
Back at Jo's house she freshened up my makeup and began looking for something suitable for me to wear. She found a short, black PVC skirt that was ideal. To go with that she found a see-through black blouse. I had only brought the one bra and that was white. Fortunately, Jo was able to find a black bra that fitted me and held my breastforms in place.
I quickly slipped into the new outfit while Jo went to fetch her husband, who was also at home, as he was more skilled at putting people into bondage.
I was sat in a chair and he began to apply ropes to my body.

Jo pointed out that if I wanted to stop at some point then I simply had to say. Apparently some girls find the fact that they are immobile and helpless disconcerting. I have to say that I felt completely at ease and had complete trust in Jo and her husband.
In no time at all I was securely bound to the chair and completely unable to move my arms or legs.

Jo had been taking pictures throughout but now her husband joined in.
I posed as best I could, trying to look appropriately frightened at times.
Suddenly I found myself being confronted by Jo's cat who decided that it wanted to get in on the photos and began wandering around my legs. At one point I honestly thought the cat was going to jump up onto my lap and there was nothing I could do to stop it. The cat, however, had other ideas and decided it was simply going to sit there and look up at me.

Finally though it was time to be released.I had felt completely safe throughout. I admitted to Jo that I'd enjoyed it and that I would be trying it again at some point. Who knows maybe I'll go back to Sugar and Spiced for a couple of hours and let Jo put me into bondage and leave me tied up for a lot longer.
Sadly my time with Jo had drawn to a close. I changed back into my jeans and blouse, Jo refreshed my lipstick and I slipped on my wig. We had a little bit of a play with it before I settled for my usual ponytail style.

Now it was time for me to take my next big step and walk back to my car on my own and drive from Portmouth back towards Somerset and my next appointment at the hair salon.

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