Sunday, 15 August 2010

Salon Time

My trip back from Portmouth was fairly uneventful.
I left Jo's and walked across to my car. The street was quiet with no people about. Put my bag into the boot, picked up some flat shoes to drive in and got into the car.
It was abolutely wonderful driving along as a woman.
Being sat in this little metal box on wheels travelling alongside lots of other metal boxes with people inside them you simply have to take at face value what you see. There is no easy way to tell that the person you see isn't what they appear to be.
At one point a guy travelling with his family must have realised that he was going to wrong way because he suddenly changed direction, cutting in front of me, without any signal to say he was about to do that or any sign of apology for what he'd done. I wondered as I watched him driving in front of me if he would have done that to a guy.

With about 10 minutes to go until I reached the hairdressers I pulled into a quiet layby. I was about to get out of the car when another car pulled up behind me with a woman and her daughter in it. I was about to get out of the car but I sat there for a minute or two to see what they were going to do. As they didn't appear to be planning on going anywhere I got out of the car and took some things out of the boot that I'd need when I got to the hairdressers. Just as I was about to drive on they started up their car and drove past. I got out of the car again, picked up my camera, opened the boot of the car and placed the camera on the parcel shelf facing back along the layby. I set the self-timer and took a couple of quick shots of me stood facing the car. Back into the car and I set off once more.

Ten minutes later and I pulled up in the street about 50 yards from the hairdressers, I hadn't been looking forward to having to walk from the car park so being able to find a space that close was great.
I looked around and watched a guy and his two children walking up the street. Not wanting to be read by them I sat in the car waiting for them to walk past. Just as they reached me a car pulled up behind me. I watched the driver in my rear view mirror, he looked like he was going to be getting out of the car but was taking quite a bit of time about it. I decided to give him a minute or two.
I then noticed two teenage boys walking up the street who would be passing the car shortly. Again I decided to let them walk past before getting out. I watched as they walked up the street about 20 yards and then entered a building.
The guy in the car behind me now got out of his car and went into the same building.
Finally the street looked quiet so I slipped out of the car, grabbed my shoulder bag and a holdall and headed for the salon.
Entering through the door, I knew that Lou and Zee would be in the back. As I closed the door Lou appeared and her first comment was “wow, look at you.” I took a little bow as Zee appeared.
I told them both about what had happened in Portmouth and then switching on my laptop showed them the pictures that Jo had taken . Lou and Zee were both very complimentary about the way I looked and were impressed as I told them about the walk to the cemetary and back.
As we looked at the pictures of me Lou said that the first wig I was wearing suited me really well. I told her that that was the style I thought we should be aiming for with my own hair. Lou thought that we might be able to dye it a similar colour too.
Finally it was time to get down to work and my wig was removed. Lou used straighteners on my hair before trimming the ends.
As she straightened my hair she exclaimed that it was amazing just how quickly my hair had grown considering how short it had been at one point. Turning to Zee she said that she thought that by my next appointment my hair would be almost long enough to be cut into a bob.
When she had finished cutting my hair and fiddling with it a tiny bit more I looked at myself in the mirror.
As I looked at my reflection, the combination of makeup and the hairstyle, made me realise that I was looking at a woman. My features seemed so much softer.
With my hair straightened I actually looked like a woman with a short hairstyle. If I'd had the confidence I wouldn't have put on my wig to go back to the car but left as I was.
The three of us chatted a bit more about my hair, its length and the fact that by the end of the year it will definitely be long enough for me to wear in a bob.
I told Lou that it my hair isn't long enough when I have to begin living full time as a female then we could try hair extensions. Lou liked the idea and even knew the right type of extensions that we could use. Now I am really excited by that prospect.
As Lou and Zee were looking at me with my newly cut hair Lou called me by my male name. Dressed as I was and feeling the way I did I decided that it was time for them to stop referring to me in that way.
I've been thinking for a while about a name for the future when I've gone full time, something that continued to use my current initials. On the way to Portmouth I'd finally found something that I liked so I told them what I'd decided.
My initials are W and J. Now I like Jenny and have been using it online for some time. Harder to find has been something beginning with W. A little while ago I found something I liked but it just didn't ring, on the trip down I'd found a version that did ring. So sitting there I introduced the girls to Willa Jen. They liked it so it looks like I've finally found the name I'll be using when I'm full time.

Finally though it was time for me to head off to my next rendezvous.
I slipped my wig back on and started to put it in a ponytail when Zee stopped me. She suggested doing something different with it. Grabbing a hair clip, she took the pony tail and twisted it around into more of a bun. The hair was fastened in place with the hair clip. With hair falling down the side of my face and the length at the back being sufficient to hide my own hair this was a muh more feminine style. In fact at the back it was very similar to the way that Zee was wearing her own hair.
We had a quick discussion about the planned shopping trip but the girls hadn't discussed it yet. I suggested that we wait until after my next session with Zee at the salon and then go while my body is sufficiently defuzzed. That means that my next trip out will be in October and will be a real major first for me as I go shopping as a female for the very first time. Better get practicing walking in those heels and talking as a female. Even though having Lou and Zee with me will give me lots of confidence it will be so much easier if I don't give people too many clues that I might not be what I seem.
With my bags in hand I headed out the salon door and walked the short distance to the car. Just as I reached it a family came out of a door opposite it. I crossed to the other side of the road and avoided eye contact but didn't hear any comments from them so it looks like I again managed to pass without anyone noticing, either that or if they did read me they simply didn't care.

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