Friday, 13 August 2010

Sugar and Spiced - Part 1

I'm going to split this post into two as it turned out to be quite long by the time I'd got halfway through. So here's the first part of my visit to Sugar and Spiced.

The main part of Wednesday's activities was a makeover and photo session at Sugar and Spiced.
I was glad that, despite having lived in Southsea for most of the time I once lived in Portsmouth, I used the SatNav to get me to Jo's place otherwise I would have gotten lost because I thought that her street was in a completely different place to where it actually was.
I was able to park the car almost straight outside her house, which was perfect for when I needed to leave while dressed in my blouse, cardigan and jeans.
On arrival Jo made me a coffee and then told me to get changed into my undies before putting on a robe. I pointed out my need to shave and she showed me to the bathroom. Having availed myself of the facilities and with a freshly shaven face I slipped into the girdle I'd brought in order to make sure that I was as flat as possible in the nether regions. I attached my breastforms to my chest using adhesive strips and then slipped on my bra. Finally I slipped on the robe and returned downstairs.
Jo was waiting and after going through my makeup bag as I showed her the beard cover that I had she did a quick colour test using some Dermacolor.
With that out of the way Jo began to work her magic, and magic it certainly is.
I don't know how long she worked on me but eventually she finished. Jo slipped a wig onto my head and straightened it into shape.
Now was the time to get dressed. We decided that I should go with the clothes that I'd brought with me. I did contemplate wearing a skirt that she had dug out for me but after trying it on decided that the jeans would be the better option for a photoshoot.
With me dressed Jo went to put some shoes on. I grabbed my camera and slipped it into my shoulder bag.
Jo slipped a coat on and before I had a chance to contemplate not going out we were out the door and heading for the cemetary.
Although the cemetary is right at the end of her road, about 20 yards away, the entrance that we had to use is about 200 yards away. We started walking towards the entrance down the main road.
Just around the corner from Jo's house is a pub and we stopped off to take a picture in the alleyway between it and the shop next door.

As I was posing for the picture two young community police officers, that I'd pointed out to Jo walking along the road towards us, came past. Both of them looked in my direction, probably because they were wondering what Jo was doing, and then looked away again. The male officer didn't appear to read me, the female officer might have read me or was responding to something else but as she turned away I saw her smile.
We carried on walking past the pub when Jo spotted the bench outside. Next thing I know I'm sat on the bench while she takes some more pictures of me.

The last time I was at this pub was nearly 20 years ago when I met a young woman who I'd contacted through a dating agency. I'd never have guessed that then that the next time I was sat at the pub it would be as a woman myself.
Our journey continued for another 20 yards until Jo had me sit on a low wall for some more pictures. Having Jo there was definitely giving me the confidence I needed because there were people going past us all the time. Posing for pictures isn't the most natural thing to be doing in Southsea on a Wednesday afternoon so was going to draw attention to me. I didn't care though.

Eventually we reached the entrance to the cemetary and just had to cross the road. As its a busy main road there was a traffic island in the middle so we crossed to that point and then waited for a bus to pull up opposite and some cars to go past. As soon as I thought it was clear I crossed over the other side. Turning around I looked at Jo who was stood on the island waiting for a car to go past, grinning and waving at me.
Eek, there I was stood on my own and I didn't care.
Jo and I finally made it into the cemetary and began a leisurely walk around while we chatted about various things, pausing every so often to take some pictures.
Jo has taken girls to the cemetary enough times that she knows the best places to take pictures.

Half way through our walk we spotted a squirrel, then another. We wandered over towards them and found one of them sat on a gravestone munching on what looked like some bread that had been left there for some reason.

At last we reached the entrance once more and there was just time for one more picture opportunity. This provided the second occasion that I thought someone had read me. A guy walking past the entrance looked at Jo and I as she was taking my picture, he looked away and then looked back. He might have read me but then it might have been he was wondering why someone was taking pictures in a cemetary entrance.

We wandered back along the road passing a lot more people than we'd done on the way out and not one person gave the impression of having read me. Back at the house it felt so good to have been out and to have passed as far as I could tell.
As Jo did point out though because I'm only 5' 7” in bare feet I've not got the problem that I would have had if I was taller. Its on days like Wednesday that I'm actually glad that I'm not tall and probably a comparable height to a few of the women I know.

All of the pictures above were taken by Jo from Sugar and Spiced

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