Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Bouffant Hair

I've been growing my hair longer for quite a bit of this year so that I can ditch the wig and go with own hair instead.
I've had a few comments from people about getting haircuts and its length in general. Today topped it all.
After showering this morning I dried my hair but didn't have enough time to run the hair straighteners through it properly or gel to hold it in place properly. As a result I left the house and went to work with my hair having a bit more volume to it than normal.
Everything was fine until I had to have a chat with my boss, V, at her desk in our open plan office. Very quickly I was feeling as if I'd gone bright red.
Last Thursday I left work early as a couple of early mornings, one driving to Heathrow and the other rescuing a neighbours cat from two foxes that were trying to eat it, left me incredibly tired. On Friday I phoned in and said I was taking the day off.
This morning I sat down to discuss some work with V and she immediately said "Good morning, slacker". J, who sits next to her turned around and said with some astonishment "Slapper, why is he a slapper". V and I looked at her and I mouthed "slack er".
Well I've been called a few things but never a slapper.
At this point I could actually feel the colour starting to rise in my face as I was now the centre of attention for those within earshot.
V then looked at me and said "having a bit of a bouffant day today", drawing attention to my slightly more voluminous than normal hairstyle. I muttered something about having washed it and now haaving a bad hair day, while feeling like my face was going to burst into flames.
I'm just glad that V didn't make any comments about me blushing as that really!
Of course that fact that someone has described my hair as bouffant really made my day!

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