Sunday, 22 August 2010

First Friend

I've finally got around to documenting the last part of my day out the other week.
After I left Lou and Zee at the salon I drove to Wincanton where I was going to meet up with E, a friend and old colleague. I had quite a bit of time until she was due to finish her evening class and so stopped briefly in a layby to change my wedge sandals for a more comfortable pair of flats.
When I arrived at the sport centre where we were meeting up I was too early. Not wanting to simply sit in the car for over 10 minutes until E came out I decided to have a bit of drive around Wincanton until it was time to meet up.
Four circuits later and I finally drove into the car park. I parked in a quiet spot and watched people come out and head for home. Eventually I saw E walking across the car park to my car.
When she got into the car she didn't bat an eyelid at my appearance. The email I'd sent her asking to meet up had been cryptic enough for her not to really guess the reason but as she later admitted it had crossed her mind.
Rather than sit in the car I asked if it would be possible to go back to her place to chat. She agreed.
I followed her car back and parked in the dark lane outside her house.
Over a cup of coffee I told her about my plans, about my day, everything.
E took my revelation in her stride.
We talked, or rather I did most of the talking, for nearly two hours before I left her to head off to bed and get some sleep.
The journey back home in the car was quiet.
When I arrived home I was able to park the car in the garage and navigate the two gates that allow access to my back garden.
As it was gone midnight all of the neighbours appeared to have gone to bed as there were no lights on in any of the houses that overlooked our garden.
A walk down the garden path, a bit of fumbling with the backdoor key and I was once more home.
It had been a long day but the best one that I've had in simply ages.

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