Sunday, 15 August 2010

Brief Interlude

Before I post my last entry about last Wednesday I thought I'd post a couple of lines about this weekend.
Yesterday (Saturday) my son and I travelled up to my sister's place in Northampton.
We met up with my sister, her husband and their twin daughters in Ikea at Milton Keynes. On the way we passed signs for Bletchley Park, being in the computer software business I was tempted to make a detour but didn't have the time. The next time that we're in Milton Keynes we'll make a detour so that my son and I can pay a visit to Bletchley.
While my brother-in-law, who doesn't know about my plans, and the children were distracted, I took my sister to one side and showed her the pictures that I'd had blown up from Wednesday's trip to Portmouth.
She nodded but didn't say much as it might have drawn the attention of the others.
I'm going to have to drop her an email in the week to see what she thought as it would be nice to know.

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