Friday, 15 January 2010

What a day!

This morning I went to an appointment I'd arranged at a beauty salon that I was using for bodywaxing last year. I had hoped that I might be able to get an appointment for today or Monday when I phoned, I hadn't been expecting to be offered an appointment at 9am on the day that I wanted.

I had booked to have a full bodywax, legs arms, chest and back.

Since it has been several months since I went last I was fully expecting it to be really painful. Maybe the 400mg paracetamol I'd taken before I went had something to do with it but although it stung, it was only when the beautician removed some of the hair on my chest that it was painful. All in all it wasn't as bad as I'd thought it would be.

When I was going along last year I had wanted to tell the absolutely drop dead gorgeous lady, who also owns the salon, and does my treatments the real reason that I was getting rid of my body hair. I'm going to call her Zee. Unfortunately I couldn't pluck up the courage. Today was going to be different though. I had told Sam, my boyfriend the one who has control of how I grow my hair, that I planned to talk to Zee and ask her if she could suggest hairdressers. In order to provide a way of doing this I had taken a selection of pictures with me. I had planned on showing them to her before we started but I couldn't find the courage to do so.

Zee began with my legs and worked up my body. Back and then chest were done and still I hadn't found the courage to show her the pictures or ask her about hairdressers. However, before she started on my arms she asked if I wanted a cold towel put on my chest to cool it down.

I do have a fair coverage of hair if its not kept under control. If you have never had your chest waxed when you have a lot off hair to get rid of then you can only imagine how painful it can be. My chest definitely needed cooling down.

When it comes to pain I do have a high threshold. When it gets too much I'm more likely to start laughing than screaming. While we were chatting about how painful it was sh mentioned a male client of hers who is extremently tough normally. However, when he is having his chest and back waxed he is like a baby, always asking her to stop because of the pain. Zee told me last year that I'm probably her best male client because I don't complain about the pain.

Once she had cooled my chest down and before she started on my arms I asked her if she could pass me the packet of photos that were on the chair as I wanted to explain another reason that I was having my body waxed. Zee passed them to me and I handed her the pictures to look at.

The first pictures were of me when I went to Manchester last year to the Albany Clinic. As she looked at the pictures I explained that they were of me.

Well slap my tush and colour me pink!

Zee explained that she had spent some time in London when she was being trained learning about from makeup people who dealt with TSs so she knew all about what could be achieved.

She was impressed by the photos and my figure.

I couldn't believe the way the rest of the conversation went. She was totally Ok with it as I learned that she had other customers who were TS.

I so love that salon!

The conversation then turned to the fact that I am planning to see my GP, again, about GRS. Last year my GP referred me for an initial assessment. Before I could take up that assessment some things happened in my family life that meant I had to cancel the appointment that I'd been given.

I had planned to leave talking to my GP until later in the year. Towards the end of the summer in fact because I have a number of sporting things that I want to do this year and wanted to concentrate on them. As a result of last night and what was discussed on the Growing Leaders course I'm down about being a good leader and from chatting with Zee today I'm going to have to see my GP sooner.

Last night showed me that if I want to continue doing the things I do as a Christian the I need to bring my private and public selves together. For me to do that means that I either have to accept that I have to become more male and less female, or I have to become more female. I prefer this latter option.

I've got mornings free at the moment so it shouldn't be difficult to book an appointment to see my GP.

There is a distinct possibility that I will be able to get Zee to do some of the treatment, for instance beard removal.

Having discussed my transsexuality, and been told that she would be willing to talk about it if I wanted, then I raised the thing I really wanted to ask her. Could she recommend a good hairdresser.

She didn't know of a local one that she could personally recommend as she goes to one near where she lives, which isn't close to where the salon is.

She's been going to her hairdressers for a long time.

Now as I am happy to travel a bit if it means that I can see a symphathetic person then I didn't see that as being a problem. Zee is going to talk to her hairdresser when she sees her in a couple of weeks and let me know what she says at my next salon appointment. As it is going to take me a few months to get my hair long enough that a hairdresser can do something with it that isn't a problem.

I do hope that she says yes.

So at the moment I am on track to keeping one of the aims that I set out here and also at Miss D's website. I have a nice hair free body and in 6 weeks time will be back having the hair removed from it once again. Hopefully I'll have something to report on the hairdresser front too .

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