Tuesday, 5 January 2010

This year

I responded to the latest poll "What will sissy do to make this year special?" on Miss D's blog (

As I've already got my ears pierced I can't really get them pierced unless I go for multiple piercings. Instead I'm going to have to start wearing my studs more during the day and try and wear more girlish earrings whenever the opportunity presents itself.

What I can and to need to do is to keep my body shaved, get my nails done at a salon (something I've done before but would love to do again) and go out in public.

I'm sure that there are a lot more things that I could do. If anyone has any suggestions then let me know, I'd be more than willing to consider them.

What I would really love to do is to prove what a sissy I am and provide a man with sexual pleasure.

I even know of a man who would love to help me out with achieving this.

Now that would really make this year something special.


  1. When you do get the courage to have sex with a man, you won't be proving what a sissy you are to Me, jenny... You'll be proving it to yourself. I am already quite sure you are a sissy gurl. And soon enough, after you find out how much you love being sexual with a man - you will know it too - and then you'll want and need more. I can hardly believe you haven't made a date yet...

    Miss D

  2. Thank you both for commenting.

    I think I've been avoiding accepting the fact that I'm a sissy gurl. I can't any longer.

    As for wanting and needing a man I have come close to experiencing it a long time ago. I got involved with someone when I was younger and we explored each others genitals with our hands, nothing more. It had so much of an impact on me that I used to envy his girlfriend and wanted to swap places with her.

    I'm pretty sure that this year I'll find out exactly what its like and will want it need it more.

    Miss D, I haven't managed to meet up with my fella yet but we're hoping to do so soon. he was some interesting plans for when we do.