Sunday, 31 January 2010

The ups and downs of the wife knowing

I was talking with Sam today and the question of whether my wife knew about Jenny came up. As I'd obviously not said that she did I decided to explain about what has happened to her attitude to Jenny since I told her a long time ago.

I met my wife about 3 months after I split up with Marina, the first woman I had ever been close enough to tell about Jenny.
As part of getting over Marina I had joined a dating agency in order to get out and meet more women. Of the three women I met, one was in her late teens, early twenties and was the youngest woman on the agencies books. She was a lovely girl but we didn't have anything in common. In fact she freely admitted to me that her friends and got her onto the agency books and the agency had pretty much sent her details to nearly every man on the books.
The second woman I met we got on a lot better. We had much more in common but there just wasn't that spark there. One of my house mates at the time even asked if I could let him have her details so that he could ask her out.
The third woman I met was the one that I ended up marrying.
Shortly after we met I decided that I was going to be honest with her about Jenny. If she didn't like the idea then we could simply go our separate ways.
One morning as we lay in bed I told her I had something to tell her. I then picked up a photograph of me that I had had taken at Transformation in London. I showed it to her and she looked puzzled. I explained that the photo was of me. I went on to explain that I crossdressed and that I had no intention of stopping. She surprised me by saying the it was OK and that she had no problem with it.
A few weeks after that my house mates were all away for the weekend so on the Saturday night I took advantage of having the house to myself and presented Jenny to my future wife.
We had a wonderful time. I cooked for us and we had a nice meal. We snuggled down in the lounge and cuddled while watching a film. Eventually we went up stairs and slipped into bed, me still as Jenny.
The following New Year's eve I proposed to her and she accepted. A few months later we moved into a flat together in Southsea. The time that followed was wonderful. She worked on a Saturday and so I would have all day to myself. I'd see her off to work and then get any errands i had to do out of the way. Then I would get changed and made up.
I'd spend the day as Jenny and in the evening when future wife arrived home we'd cook dinner, watch a film on DVD and then eventually head to bed where we'd have some more fun before falling asleep.
As far as I could tell I'd found the perfect woman to marry.
In the October of 1995 we finally got married. By then we had moved from Portsmouth where we'd met to Sherborne in Dorset where I had gotten a job.
Things carried on pretty much as they had in Portsmouth. My wife had gotten a job working in the local boys school which involved working on a Saturday morning. I'd walk her to work, come home, do any errands I needed to and then get changed and spend the rest of the morning as Jenny.
Some Saturday evenings I'd get dressed as Jenny and we'd spend the time relaxing.
On one occasion we had someone call to the house and I had to go into the bathroom in case I needed to get changed quickly while she dealt with it. Fortunately it wasn't anyone who needed to come in but it did give her a fright.
It was shortly after that that her attitude to Jenny changed. She no longer wanted to spend time with me as Jenny and so I would spend Saturday mornings as Jenny and the rest of the time as my male self.
By now we had decided to buy our own house and having found one in Yeovil we moved in May 1996.
As far as my wife was concerned as long as I wasn't dressed as Jenny when she was around then she could cope with things.
My time as Jenny therefore went from a regular thing to whenever she was away staying with her sister for a week at a time.
She knows that Jenny is still a part of my life, just as she also knows that I've gone through phases where I've tried to forget about Jenny, an impossible task.
About a year after moving into our new home we were sitting having dinner and I asked her why she didn't like seeing me as Jenny any more when she had been so enthusiastic. She told me that she had never really been able to cope with it and that she had treated it all as one big game. It had been easier for her to deal with like that. I supposed once we had gotten married and after the scare in Sherborne that she could no longer get away with thinking of it like that. At that point everything had changed. It was also at that point she revealed that after I had told her about Jenny that first time she had struggled to come to terms with it and been so upset that it had been obvious to her dad, mum and sister that something was up. She had decided that she need their help to deal with it and had told them everything. Fortunately they had reacted pretty well to it as in all the time since we'd met nobody had mentioned it to me. I'd even been away at a Rose's Harmony Weekend and had spoken to my mother-in-law on the phone while sitting in the hotel lobby dressed in a skirt, top and heels, fully made up as Jenny. I'd been thinking I bet you don't know what I'm actually doing and wearing, when in fact she was fully aware of what I was doing that weekend.
The subject has still never come up in conversation and so nobody has mentioned it to me.
The other thing that still happens now is that from time to time crossdressing will come up on television or somewhere and she will say something or give me a look that sort of says I know what you are thinking. It happened yesterday evening at dinner.
As we were eating in the kitchen the television was showing All Star Mr and Mrs. Beverley Callard and her husband were being asked questions. One of the questions was about whether her husband had asked Beverley to bring home any of her characters costumes from Coronation Street. The question then went on to give three options as to what would happen to the outfit if she did bring it home. One of the suggestions was that her husband might try it on. Out of the corner of my eye i could see my wife looking askance at me as if to say “well you'd certainly put it on.” She's totally wrong about that. I have better taste than Beverley's character when it comes to clothes!
This year is going to see a lot of things happening with regards to me becoming Jenny more full time.
The “game” from all those years back is certainly over, now we're into reality and I know she isn't prepared for that!

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