Sunday, 10 January 2010

Losing control

A couple of years ago I went through a phase where I started growing my hair longer. It took nearly 18 months to get it to the point where it was shoulder length but it was so much fun.

Every 6 weeks or so I'd go to the salon where I'd get it washed by one of the girls and then my hairdresser would trim it to tidy the ends and blow dry it.

My hair is naturally curly but once it had grown long enough my hairdresser started using hair straighteners on it. This was fantastic because it meant that my hair looked longer. The style that she put it into was suitable for a male but with minor changes could be made a lot more feminine.

The best thing about all of this was that when I started going to the salon and growing my hair out I told her that I was doing it because I crossdressed and wanted to have my own hair rather than wigs. Amazingly she didn't bat an eyelid but told me that she'd spent some time working on cruise ships and new a number of crossdressers and had no problem with it.

During my appointments we used to chat about my plans and she gave me lots of tips, even showing me how to straighten my hair myself. On one occasion when I told her that I was going away to a Rose's weekend and wanted to have my hair done she even helped me to book a pedicure and manicure. It was wonderful leaving the salon with my finger and toe nails a lovely plum colour.

After 18 months I decided that I wasn't going to grow it any more and went into a different salon and had my hair shaved, very much the Britney Spears look. The hairdresser there asked if I was sure that it was what I wanted and when I said yes she told me she was going to have so much fun doing it.

The other day when walking home from work I had an idea.

Apart from towards the end of those 18 months I've always used wigs when I'm dressed because I've always kept my hair fairly short for when I'm in boy mode as compared to sissy mode. If I'm going to develop more as a sissy though I need to have my own hair, wigs can be fun but I really want something that is completely real.

As I have a man in my life who is taking a real interest in my development I decided that I would hand over control of my hair to him. He's agreed.

This means that I'm going to grow my hair out, go to the salon and get it cut and styled in a way that I can wear it in a boy style for work but make it more feminine for when I'm being a sissy gurl. As I'm growing it out I can get it trimmed to tidy up any split ends and to shape it into the right style but I cannot go and get lots cut off without permission from him.

He has already come up with a style that he wants me to have.

The style has grown on me since I first saw it but its not really suitable for everyday.

While flicking through a keep fit magazine today though I found something much more suitable and which is similar to the way my hair grew out last time.

I'm probably not going to grow it that long, shoulder length is the plan at the moment. Who knows though, now that I've given over control of it to someone else perhaps I will end up with it that long.

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  1. sissygurl belinda. thank you, i'm looking forward to it. even though it will take some time it will be worth it. its nice to have to be accountable to someone else as well because i can't just go and get it cut now when I'm feeling low and fed up and want to be more masculine, which I would done in the past.