Monday, 18 March 2019

Cyprus 2019 - day 8

16th March 2019
Picked up the hire car, had breakfast, packed the car and headed for Ayia Napa and Nissi Beach Resort. Race day tomorrow.
Knowing that I’ve not completed a triathlon inside of the race cut off time has made me nervous.
I’ve got to focus on just completing each of the elements and if I don’t, then it becomes a learning experience and something to take away and look at going forward.
I’m not racing for a place. I’m not racing for a podium. Tomorrow’s race is just a stepping stone on fulfilling the promise I made to Rhys that I would complete all the Outlaw races, and that is my target for next year. Not the races I’m doing this year. They are just a way for me to get experience of doing middle distance races and then going long.
Who knows what I’ll do after next year? Will I carry on with triathlons or will I stop? Will I go for shorter distances? Will I pick races in places I want to visit? Who knows?
The drive to Ayia Napa was quite pleasant, apart from a bit of rain. The motorways are dual carriageways in reality but the traffic on them is a lot less that you would get on a UK motorway, which was a refreshing change.
After tomorrow’s race I can chill and enjoy myself without any pressure. Something I’m looking forward to, and will undoubtedly be discussing with Steph when I get back to the UK.

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