Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Cyprus 2019 - day 5

13th March 2019

Today has been exhausting.

The morning started off with 2500 metres in the pool as usual. Nothing too strenuous but it was just the first session of the day.

After breakfast there was a couple of hours before the second session. Hill repeats on the bike on the road leading to the golf club, just like last year.

Unlike last year I failed to get to the top of the hill even once. For the most part it was down to mechanical issues with the bike and not being able to get in a suitable gear to keep grinding up the hill. To say that I was extremely disappointed with my efforts is an understatement. Disgusted would be a better way to put it.

The final session of the day was an optional 30 minute run. As a result of my performance on the hill reps I decided to go out for the run. It was OK and I found myself back at the resort just as thunder began to be heard.

At 4 o’clock the heavens opened, and we had a full-blown thunderstorm.

Dinner tonight was in the Pantheon restaurant at the hotel complex. Buffet style, which gave the chance to eat far more than we would have managed any other night. In the end I found myself working through soup, salad, main course, pudding and coffee.

I’ve now got just enough strength to write this entry before I get my head down and sleep.

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