Sunday, 10 March 2019

Cyprus 2019 - day 2

Second day in Paphos, Cyprus. Last day before the training camp starts.

Most of this morning was spent putting my bike back together. Although it wasn’t too difficult a job, there were a few hiccups.

First, I couldn’t find the screw that holds the handlebars to the stem. I knew I’d put it in the bike box but it had been loose so I wasn’t sure if it had fallen out at home or if it might have fallen out because someone had opened my bike box in transit. In the end it was neither, it had fallen out when I opened the box in my room. Phew!

Putting the bike back together was simple enough but then I hit the second issue, snapping the tire valve when pumping up the rear tyre. Grr! With only two spare inner tubes with my I had to use one of them up. Hopefully I won’t need to use up my other spare, although the support vehicle has plenty so if I do run into any problems, I can use one of those.

This afternoon I wandered into Paphos. Like last year I took my camera and took lots of photographs. Not as many as last year, but I was more focussed on what I was looking for this time. Cats and things like cans and plastic bottles. I got plenty of both and think I have enough photos of beer cans and other items that I can complete my still life exercise.

Walking back to the hotel I stopped off at the church I visited last year. After praying briefly, I lit a candle for Rhys. This is beginning to be an annual event, although I’m not sure I’ll be lighting one every year in Paphos.

The last part of the afternoon was spent taking the bike out for a ride to make sure that it was OK. It was, although I think I stopped the bike computer half way through the ride by mistake.

The rest of the evening was spent in the pub watching the Ireland v France rugby match and then meeting up with everyone for a meal.

Tomorrow training starts in earnest. It should be an interesting week.

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