Monday, 11 March 2019

Cyprus 2019 - day 3

March 11th 2019

Cycling, cycling and more cycling.

Today started off with bike time trial session. Up and down the dual carriageway. I remember it from last year. However, Perry remembered me and offered me the chance to do a harder session involving intervals of easy and mad cycling. Of course, I had to accept the challenge. I want to try and push myself this week and see how much I’ve improved. 19 miles later and I had my answer. I’m a lot stronger on the bike than I was last year.

The rest of the morning passed restfully. Breakfast then back to the room to chill and relax lying on the bed.

This afternoon was another bike ride, we hadn’t been able to do a pool session because it’s a bank holiday and the pool wasn’t available.

Our route took us out to Aphrodite’s Rock, a place we cycled out to last year. Although I eventually found myself dropping away from the rest of the group, I was only a couple of minutes after them arriving. I’m sure that was a lot better than last year.

On our return I allowed everyone to get a head start on the downhill section and then made my own way back, at my own pace. Quite a lot quicker than last year too I’m sure. My cycling has come along a long way in 12 months.

In the end the second bike session saw me covering just over 30 miles. In total 50 miles of cycling in a day, 6 miles short of what I’ll be doing at Ayia Napa next weekend.

Today has been a really tiring one. Tomorrow may be an easier one, I certainly won’t be covering as much distance. Swim first thing, followed by a session at the athletic track, and maybe something else later in the day.

Whatever happens with training this week and the race on Sunday I’m going to be going back home with ideas for things I need to work on.

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