Thursday, 14 March 2019

Cyprus 2019 - day 6

14th March 2019

Not quite as tiring a day today.

This morning started as most mornings have this week with a swim. On this occasion I opted to wear my wetsuit because I’ve not swum in it since last summer. It was fine in the pool but I took it off part way through the session.

The second session today was an easy run. I opted to head in the opposite direction to most of my runs and found myself passing the church and running out towards the airport. Not far because I decided to stop and look at the scenery, doing the same thing on my way back.

Tomorrow is the last day of the training camp, morning swim and bike ride. The weather is not supposed to be very good, with rain forecast. Hopefully we can get the bike out of the way before it rains.

Last night I really struggled to sleep. I managed a couple of hours but then dozed the rest of the night away.

This afternoon I found myself shivering violently, a couple of hours after my run. I was going to have a shower anyway but desperately needed it to warm myself up.

Saturday will be a day of logistics. Getting the hire car, packing everything in to it. Driving to Ayia Napa and the hotel. Picking up my race pack and some last-minute items, inner tubes in particular. Dinner then an early night so that I can be up early on Sunday morning to get my bike and other kit into transition before 7am. An hour and a half waiting around, mostly spent in my hotel room and then it will be showtime.

I don’t know how I’m going to do on Sunday. I’m confident that I’ll finish the race, even if I have to use a walk/run strategy to get across the line. This week’s training will certainly have helped me to do that.

Monday and Tuesday will be nice relaxing days. Monday to recover after the race and Tuesday to do a bit of exploring.
Then on Wednesday it will be time to go back home and this year’s stay in Cyprus will be over with and it will be time to start thinking about Stourhead and the improvements I need to make for that race.

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