Thursday, 14 April 2011

Smiling again

I have some of the most awesome friends!
Two of them in particular will know who they are if they read this post.

Thank you both for spending time chatting with me tonight and making me feel so much better than I was feeling at 10pm yesterday (its 1:30am as I write this).

You can guess from my last post just how low I was after my discussion with my other half. Well not any more. I'm all fired up and the sassy, confident Jenny is back.

If my other half had planned today in order to keep me under control then its backfired. This evening I sent my sister an email telling her that I'd asked for a referral to the GIC. Something that I hadn't done because of her reaction to my news last summer. With my enthusiasm for life fired again I've sent her another email, this time including my last two posts so that she is aware of what has happened today. If she gets back to me then i might share a few more of my low points with her so that she can understand how bad things are for me at times.

Tomorrow I'm going to start working out what my way ahead is. One thing is for certain though. My other half, if she really did plan today, is in for a rude awakening. If she didn't plan it, well she's going to find that she needs to put some effort in and try to understand where I'm coming from otherwise a number of decisions will be taken out of her hands.

Jenny is back, alive and kicking.

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