Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Day out - almost

Today was supposed to be a my first time out anywhere in public as Jenny. Although I was a bit nervous about it I was looking forward to spending some time wandering around the shops in Taunton with a female friend of mine.

It looks like that isn't going to happen though.

Last night my son came home from school last night, he pottered about for a few hours until at about 5pm he came into the kitchen where I was preparing dinner and said he had a headache. I gave him a couple of paracetamol and he went upstairs to have a lie down on his bed.

Within minutes he was fast asleep under his duvet and with a small blanket pulled over his head. Its been very warm recently and he had a few times over the weekend, especially Saturday, when he has complained of being cold and shivering. On Saturday I was supposed to go to a burlesque show in Bristol but since it would have meant taking the car with me then I had to stay home in case he got worse and needed to go into hospital.

Last night we left him sleep for an hour and then got him up for dinner. He came downstairs, said he was cold and then disappeared only to return moments later wearing a jumper. We sat down to eat dinner but for someone who usually doesn't have a problem eating food he ended up leaving most of his.

He came to sit next to me at the dinner table so he could have a cuddle. I sent him into the other room to have a cuddle with his mum before the two of us went upstairs to watch a couple of episodes of A Town Called Eureka, which was his Easter present. He spent the rest of the evening shivering quite badly even with a jumper on and under the duvet while we watched television.

Eventually he went to bed just before 9pm.

Even if he goes to school this morning someone has to be here first thing, as his mum has to go to work for an hour or so, in case he feels so unwell that he has to come home. This means that I can't go to my friend's and get ready to go out in case the school send him home before his mum gets back. With the restrictions on what I can and can't do at home I can't even get ready at home.

My friend and I are still going to meet up at lunchtime but instead of Jenny going out it will be me in male mode. We're going to go for a swim, which will help with my triathlon training anyway, and then get a coffee afterwards. If we have enough time I might drag her into a couple of shops and see if we can find some perfume for me as I'm not got any at the moment and I really could do with some.

In the meantime I'm going to ring the hospital first thing this morning anyway because we need to sort out what is causing all of this shivering. He had a MRI scan the other week didn't show anything but we've not heard from the hospital with regard to what they want to do next. They seem to be as much at a loss as we are. There was talk about him seeing the endocrinologist that he is under in Bristol for his growth and hormone levels and also possibly seeing a neurologist from Bristol, both of these were supposed to be in Yeovil during April but we've not received appointments to see them. Time to be proactive, again, with the hospital.

I'll have to arrange my day out for another time, perhaps when we both have more time and wont be rushed getting back. As you can imagine, despite feeling nervous about it, I'm pretty gutted by not being able to get this first milestone out of the way.

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