Tuesday, 12 April 2011

It might be sooner rather than later

Today was my first day in work since I had my hair done last Thursday evening.

I arrived in work about mid morning because of a hospital appointment first thing. Having switched on my computer, checked my emails and gone over a couple of things with a colleague I went and got a cup of coffee. As I was heading back to my desk I bumped into one of the receptionists. She looked at my hair and asked "have you changed your hair colour?" I laughed off the question and said no just highlights. She looked at me and asked "is there something you want to tell me?" Again I laughed off the question and we changed the subject.

Now it my own fault but curiosity got the better of me and I emailed her to ask what made her think I might have something to tell her.

The response I got back was interesting. She told me that growing my hair longer and changing its colour, the way my skin looked softer and also the fact that she thought I'd been wearing eyeliner a few weeks previously and made her wonder about me.

Initially I denied the eyeliner but the tone of my response was such that she was mortified that she had got it so wrong. We traded a few more emails by which time she was almost ready for me to never speak to her again. Instead I got up from my desk and walked to reception.

There were just the two of us there so I went over and asked how long we'd known each other and then asked her what she thought was going on.

Again someone surprises me by noticing the changes and putting two and two together and coming up with the right answer. She looked at me and asked "are you transsexual, transgender?" Well there was no point in denying it so I told her I was TS. We were able to briefly finish the conversation and traded a few more emails.

At lunchtime as I was sitting alone eating one of the women that I've sat down and had lunch with in the past got up from her table and walked passed me. She smiled as she did. Now it could have been a completely friendly smile or something about me had amused her.

It looks like no matter how much I think that I've been keeping things under wraps, I've given off enough signs that observant people are noticing things and working out what it happening. At this rate lots of other people will begin to work out what is happening and I might have to go full time a lot sooner than planned. If I do then it will be time that counts towards my RLT, much as I really want to get this show on the road I want to do things with as much knowledge as possible.

Whatever happens from here on in I know that I have got two allies at work, not including HR. In a couple of weeks time I'll be going out for a drink with both of the women that know so that they can ask any questions that they want to and which I'll answer as best I can.

I was hoping that I could go full time after I'd been to The Laurels, which would have hopefully meant going full time in the New Year, but that might just not be possible and I might just be going full time a lot sooner than planned.

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