Monday, 4 April 2011

Etiquette and things not to ask

Jane recently published a post over at her blog with some links to two posts that I found really interesting.

The first is Trans Etiquette for non trans people.

The second post was Ten Things Not to Say to a Trans Person.

I quite enjoyed them both so I'm quite grateful to Matt Kailey for writing them.

However, today I got my first experience of any of these in person. Today I got number 6 on the Trans Etiquette.

Got talking with a friend at work who I was thinking about coming out to. Hadn't meant to have the conversation today but she made some comments which made me realise that she guessed that I was planning to GRS.
As we were sat talking she leaned towards me and asked me whether I was going to fancy men after I'd completed GRS.


Fortunately I could answer the question as I've been thinking about that question because its the 4th time that I've been asked it by people that I know who have been told of my plans. On two of the occasions, the same person was involved in asking the question. On the third occasion it was Zee from the salon who asked me. Of the people that have asked Zee is actually the only one that I was happy for to ask me the question.

So what was the answer to her question, am I going to fancy men or women after I've completed GRS. Um, you'd better go and read that etiquette post again. There's just some things that you don't ask a trans person.


  1. Life's a work in progress so don't answer or just say you hadn't thought about it.

  2. That's what my answer has been so far to the question.
    I'm only going to give any other answer to close friends if they ask, but their unlikely to.