Friday, 8 April 2011

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Yesterday evening I had another appointment at the hair salon.
As I sat in the chair Lou looked at me in the mirror and asked "highlights?" I nodded and then said "can we go a bit blonder?"
An hour and a half later and my hair is pretty much blonde. If there are highlights there then they are my natural hair colour. By the time that Lou had finished she was clapping her hands and telling me that she had been waiting ages to do what she'd done to my hair.

In 10 days time I'm finally going to be debuting the burlesque routine that I've been practicing. Before I went to the salon I had my last practice with by teacher. At the end of the lesson we talked about what I could do with my hair and she's lent me a book with pictures of Marilyn Monroe. Yes, I am going for the blond bombshell look.

Lou took a look through the book as she will be doing my hair on the day. She's going to put rollers in and set my hair and then we are going to play with it and see what looks good. I'll either be putting it up or we'll be adding clip-in extensions to give it a bit of length so that we can do something a bit more ambitious.

Oh, and I'll be going totally blonde, not just highlights (even extensive highlights).

I am so excited by the prospect and I am sure that my dance teacher is going to love the look. I know Lou will.

Today I'm doing something different with hair. I'm going to Southampton to have my first session of laser hair removal to get rig of the beard. Without the beard shadow I shouldn't need to use things like Dermablend to cover that part of my face when I wear make-up. With a bit of luck one of these days I might even just need a suitable foundation that I can pick up from Boots or the make-up counter at a department store.

I've spoken with the person that will be doing the hair removal, she certainly knows what she is talking about. I've also heard her recommended by others on some of the forums that I'm on. It should be an interesting experience at the very least and one that I'll share once I get back.

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