Wednesday, 13 April 2011

D Day

In previous posts I've mentioned that my other half wont discuss what is going on when it comes to my GRS and everybody who knows my plans agrees that she is in denial.

The other weekend I spent 77 minutes on the phone to a friend S that knows all about my plans. I'd only rung her to have a 2 minute call in order to tell her that my other half had missed out on a job that S had helped her complete an application form for. The other 75 minutes were spent with S trying to persuade me to sign up to attend our church parish weekend in June and eventually discussing my other half's refusal to discuss things.

I don't think that S realized just how much my other half was in denial. After I'd explained a few things she came up with a suggestion as to how to proceed. S suggested that I write a letter explaining everything that she needs to think about, list the options that we have for how to proceed with our relationship and family life and set a date, time and place for us to meet up on neutral ground in order to discuss things.

I sat down and over the next couple of days wrote the letter. Last Friday morning before I left for Southampton I passed her the letter, told her what was in it and said it was up to her if she read it or not.

I know that she has read the letter as I had a text message from her as I was on my way to Southampton and she has also said things that relate to what I'd written and the options that we had as far as I saw them.

Today is therefore D Day. At 1pm I will be sitting in a pub that is halfway between where I  work and where we live waiting to see if she turns up. If she does then we will discuss the letter and work out where we go from here. If she doesn't turn up then I'll have my answer as to where we go from here.

Today she finally has to face up to what is happening and make a decision as to whether she can in fact support me through what is ahead like she said she would when all of this still looked to be several years down the line.

By this evening I'll know one way or the other.

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