Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Sugar and Spiced - The Modelling Trip

I've finally had my second visit to Sugar and Spiced in Portsmouth and what fun it was.
The trip didn't exactly go to plan as I'd intended to travel down to Portsmouth on the Wednesday so that I could go out for a meal at La Tasca in Gun Wharf, my first time out en femme. In the end things didn't pan out and so I changed things.
On the Thursday morning of my trip I drove to my hairdressers as I'd rearrange my appointment to get my hair done. I'd made the decision that I didn't want to end up wearing a wig after I'd been made over by Jo.
Lou did wonders with my hair, as usual, the highlights left me looking a lot blonder than last time. By the time she'd finished styling it I had a lovely feminine style. I couldn't wait to see what I'd look like with make-up and and outfit on.
The trip to Portsmouth was pretty uneventful. I did have to make a stop at a services on the way in order to top up the screen wash in the car and also to pay a visit to the little girls room. Before I'd left Mere I'd put on a coat of red nail polish so that my nails would be ready for when I arrived at Jo's. Going into the men's rest room was interesting. I'd worn a pair of gloves so that my nails weren't visible. The place was empty but I still nipped into a cubicle. While I was in there I heard a lot of noise as a group of boisterous guys came in. It sounded like a stag party had come in to use the facilities. I was not looking forward to leaving but couldn't delay any longer. With gloves hiding my lovely red finger nails I emerged and found myself having to walk past a couple of soldiers. Safely back at the car I topped up the screen wash and set off again.
Arriving at Jo's I found that the lovely parking space that I'd been able to avail my self of in the summer wasn't available. In the end I had to drive several hundred yards down the road and park the car.
My plan had been to drive back home en femme and to either return to the house in that way or to get changed and remove my make-up at some point on the journey. With the car this far away and a large bag with all my stuff to get from Jo's to the car I wasn't looking forward to it. In the end it wasn't to be a problem and the few people that I passed didn't take much notice of the loan female putting her bag into the car.
When I arrived at Jo's she was pleased to see me. We moved through to the room that she worked her magic with make-up and clothes. Jo had already picked out a few things for me to wear but as I already had my own outfits with me we went straight to me slipping into the outfit that I'd planned to wear to La Tasca the previous evening.

Once I was dressed, and with the help of my gorgeous black corset to provide a bit more shape to my figure, Jo made up my face. With no need for a wig we were soon ready for some pictures.
We went through to the lounge and wow! Last time things were really simple, a camera and me. This time I felt like I'd walked into a photoshoot in a big studio. Everything was high-tech, which for a girl like me was ever so slightly distracting.
I posed and pouted as best I could for Jo. I really did feel like a model, even to the point that I said that perhaps there was a career change possible for me.
My purple dress was followed by a leather buckle dress and jacket, very biker or rock chick. The jacket was something I'd seen someone wearing in a picture with a leather dress and thought that looks fabulous. When I originally bought it I found it was a size too small and on taking it back the store had sold out. The other week I happened to be back in there looking for some stockings and something to wear during the morning before going to Jo's and I found the jacket in the size I wanted. Fate was smiling kindly on me that day.
More pictures followed some with we wearing the jacket

and some with me just wearing the dress.

With both of my outfits out of the way Jo and I went for a bit of fun and got me into a Mrs Claus outfit which was so much fun to pose in. I loved posing in it so much that I'm considering getting pictures taken at Easter of me in a bunny girl costume. Hmm, who knows maybe I'll try and get some themed pictures at Valentines and Halloween too. Now that would be an interesting project for next year.

After having a bit of fun with that outfit we went for the last change of outfit but one. This time we went for a glamorous look and I slipped into a gorgeous blue evening dress. Oh boy, it clung to every single curve of my body. With my own little black jacket finishing it off I would have been proud to go to any black tie event wearing it.

More pictures followed until there was just enough time for one more change of outfit. This time I slipped into the outfit that I was planning on wearing to travel back home. Unfortunately there aren't any pictures of this outfit but it consisted of a pair of brown corduroy trousers, a beige tunic top and brown wrap cardigan, a pair of calf length boots and I was all set. I looked at Jo and asked if we could go for a walk. She was more than happy.
By now thought it was too dark for a walk in the cemetery so we simply went for a walk around some of the streets in Southsea.
It was so good to be out and about again. Even though it was dark there were quite a few people around. A few people glanced at me but Jo reassured me that it was, in the case of the guys, that they might find me attractive. Most people didn't give me a second glance, or if they did it was behind my back and I certainly wasn't going to look behind me to see if anyone was looking at me.
During the entire trip there were only two women who I thought might have read me. They were standing at a bus stop which we passed just as the bus was arriving. Both of them glanced at me and I thought the looks that they gave me said that they had read me. I might be wrong about it, I'll never know.
When we arrived back at Jo's I asked her to refresh my make-up and then I gather my things together and having said my goodbyes walked back to the car wheeling my bag behind me.
Nobody paid me any attention, not even the young woman who was stood outside a house about 10 yards from where I was putting my bag into my car and changing my shoes for something that I could drive in.
The trip back was uneventful. I stopped and saw Lou so she could see the end result of her handiwork, then made my way back towards home. At the last possible moment I stopped, removed my make-up and changed my top for a more masculine shirt. My shoes I changed for a pair of trainers but I did leave on the cords.
Just like in the summer the day was absolutely fantastic and takes me one step closer to going out during daylight somewhere more public. Shopping, eating out somewhere. The possibilities are endless and I think my confidence is so high now that it will just be a matter of time before it happens. When it does I'll be telling all about it here.

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