Saturday, 4 December 2010

A Real First

This week is going to be a very special one for me, weather permitting.
The last few days have seen the UK hit by a cold spell and snow across most of the country. I'm hoping that by Wednesday morning the weather will have improved because I've got quite a bit of driving to do over Wednesday and Thursday.
On Wednesday morning I have to drive all the way to Bristol, about an hours drive in normal conditions, for my second burlesque dance lesson. I've been practising everything that P, my instructor taught me. In fact last weekend I even managed to spend a bit of time on the Sunday morning practising in the costume that I plan to wear when I eventually perform. I've actually been invited to perform at a venue in front of people by someone I know, more about that if and when it happens.
Practising in costume was absolutely wonderful, I felt so sexy.
Wednesday morning I'm going to try and get dressed in as much of the costume as I can so that I can do the lesson while wearing it.
After the lesson I have to drive all the way from Bristol back to my hairdressers as I have another appointment with her. We're going for more highlights, which maybe a little lighter than last time, and also styling my hair in such a way that I don't need to wear a wig when I go out Wednesday night. Whatever Lou comes up with has to be easily repairable the following day.
After Lou has worked her magic on my hair I'll be travelling to Portmouth where I'm staying overnight with a friend.
For the first time in my life I will be going out en femme to a restaurant. In fact from the moment I arrive at the hotel room in Portmouth I will be doing everything as Jen.
This will be a real first for me. Although I've spent a couple of days as away as Jen its always been in a completely safe environment. This time though I'll be out in public and at the mercy of the attitudes of the people around me. I so want to be able to get through this without people noticing me or commenting. If I can get through having a meal in a restaurant then I know I'll have the confidence to do anything in the future. Go shopping, go for a drink, eat out again, I'll find these things so much easier to do.
Thursday I'll be spending at Sugar and Spiced where I went in the summer. A certain young lady has an appointment, or at least she should have if she has booked it, there in the morning for a makeover and photoshoot so I'll be hanging around. I've got a new outfit to wear when we go out to take pictures as I'm sure we will.
In the afternoon I've got my session planned and I am so very much looking forward to it. I'm putting a lot of trust in Jo in the afternoon but know that I'll be completely safe.
The entire trip is going to be one big photo opportunity so you can expect to see at least some of the pictures appearing in posts once I'm back.

This week is going to be a real turning point in my life and I am so looking forward to each and every moment of it.


  1. Good luck with your day out as 'Jen' and I understand the snow as it's only just gotten passable here.
    Regards sissygurl belinda

  2. I'm so looking forward to this week. Really excited. I'm going to have to dig out a case tomorrow and start packing what I'm taking with me. Still got a couple of things to pick up but I should be able to get them on Monday.