Saturday, 18 December 2010

New website

Really short post, this cold weather and snow is giving me plenty of time to sit at this computer.

I've just uploaded my first attempt at my very own website.

I'd really appreciate any feedback that I can get as to its look and contents. If anyone feels like being a guinnea pig then please pop along to Jenny's Transgendered World and let me know what you think by posting a comment here as I've still got to work my geekiness and figure out how to get a guestbook working properly.


  1. Jennifer, you've been building that site for awhile, I think. It's very attractive in its layout, feels welcoming. I like the font too. It doesn't feel crowded or busy. You've shared a great deal about yourself, more than I would feel comfy with myself, but I'm sure you know your limits. Nicely done indeed.

  2. Yes, templates allow us all to look like html wizards. I'd have never got in the game if it required a modicum of website design knowledge!