Saturday, 4 December 2010

Quick update

The last week has been interesting.
On Wednesday evening after going to see the new Harry Potter film, an ok film but I do hope that the second part is better. The scenery was lovely and I even recognised at least one place that they filmed as I've driven past it a few times.
On our way home I told my son that I had the pictures of me from the summer and asked if he wanted to see them. He said yes so I showed him  a couple of the pictures of me that Jo had taken at the cemetary. His only comment was that it didn't look like me.
I didn't mention my plans to transition but told him it was something I'd always done and filled in a few details. He seems fine with it.
His biggest worry though came out as we drove home. "When are you going to be getting your hair cut?" he asked.
"I'm not" I replied.
"Its going to look a bit girly" he said.
I explained to him that there are several people that I work with that have hair far longer than mine. One of them is into martial arts so if its ok for them then its not a problem with me having it longer. That seemed to satisfy him.
The following night I was in the kitchen cooking dinner and watching White Christmas. At one point he came in and both of us were dancing along to one of the songs. It was a bit of a giggle. As he was walking out I did the Showgirl pose that P had taught me. He laughed and went into the other room where his mum was and said "Dad's a girl". I have no idea what her response was but I'm sure she wasn't impressed. It made me smile though.

Thursday saw another visit to Zee at the salon. The bodywaxing is still a little bit painful but I'm getting used to it. Having my eyebrows plucked I don't think I will ever get used to. It certainly made my eyes water.
As promised though Zee got an early Christmas present. I'd agreed to it so she applied a blue black tint to my eye lashes. I now look like I'm wearing mascara. So far nobody seems to have noticed, if they have they've not said anything.
When it came to having my eyebrows waxed I threw aside all caution and let her wax and pluck them much thinner than we've dared to go before. Again nobody has said anything.
I like my eye the way they are now. My first thought when I saw myself in the mirror was that even without makeup the top half of my face is looking more feminine.
My eyes are much more open as well. I am one very happy girl.

The weather here has not be very pleasant recently. On Friday I decided to walk to work, a journey of about a mile. With multiple layers of clothing, gloves, scarf and hat, off I trudged. When I arrived at work I started shedding layers.  I had just removed my hat when I walked past one of the women I occasionally sit with at lunch. She saw me and said "very fetching hair".
I wondered what she meant and then realised that my hair must look a right mess, grabbing a comb I disappeared to find a mirror and repair the damage. Back at my desk we traded a couple of emails about my hair, the last of which informed her that if she thought my hair looked fetching now then she should wait until I have it coloured. Funnily I didn't get a response to that one.

The week has been interesting and has had lots of fun moments and I've met a few new people and made some friends.
Tuesday night I went out and met some people at a local pub. We chatted over a drink until I had to leave to walk home. It would have been even better if a certain young lady I know hadn't been so tied up at work and as a result very tired could have made it too. I know she reads my blog so I'm going to forgive her for working far too hard and make sure that she slows down and relaxes a little bit more real soon.
When I got back home though things were decidedly frosty. I have no idea why my other half was upset. I expect it had something to do with me going out for a drink.
I could understand her being upset with me if I'd come back in drunk, I'd only had one drink, or if I was leaving her at home and going out drinking on a regular basis. I don't though. Tuesday was the first time this year that I have gone out for a drink in an evening. The only other times I go out for a drink is when we are staying with my other half's sister. The only other times I tend to go out are to our cell group, which she also goes to, or to other events organised through our church. My other half on the other hand goes out for meals and girls nights with her friends.
To me it seemed as if by going out I'd done something really wrong.
Coming home to that slightly spoilt was an otherwise lovely evening.
Still the rest of the week more than made up for it.

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