Monday, 13 December 2010

Burlesque 2

I know that this is a bit of a long post but so much happened and I'm so enthusiastic about this its hard for me to find ways to shorten it.
I've had my second burlesque lesson.
It was a bit frustrating getting to this lesson.
The day before my lesson I still hadn't heard where it was going to be so I rang the dance school but only got the answer phone. I emailed Poppy at the school email address but still didn't get a response. Finally I sent a text message to the mobile phone number that they provide on the answer phone message. Within 15 minutes I got a reply from Poppy telling me that we were at her friends place again.
I was more than happy with that as the room we practice in is really nice as is her friend. Besides I know where it is and the parking is free.

The trip to Bristol was pretty uneventful. It was dark when I set off but by the time I was halfway into my journey the sky was brightening up.

We've had a lot of snow in the UK recently but where I live in the South West its lasted until the first waves of rain arrived last weekend and melted it all. During my journey to Bristol I passed through Shepton Mallet and found myself entering a Winter Wonderland. All of the trees and fields are still frosted with snow. Everything for miles is white. I only wish I could have stopped in order to dig out my camera and take some pictures but parking areas are few and far between on that road.

Before I set of I had decided that I was going to wear my costume to practice in so slipped into my corset, stockings, bra and panties. Over the top I slipped a red top and a pair of jeans. With a red fleece jumper on I was able to hide what I was wearing and left the house with nobody any the wiser.

The journey to Bristol should have seen me arriving at Poppy's friends by 8:20am. My lesson was at 10am. About 20 minutes into the journey I pulled into a lay-by and sat in the car for about 15 minutes before setting off again. Driving steadily I reached Bristol at a reasonable time and slotted into the rush hour traffic which slowed me down even further and pushed my arrival even closer to lesson time. Eventually though no matter how slowly I drove or how much traffic I ran into I arrived at my destination with about 40 minutes to spare. There was no way that I could go and knock on the door that early so I sat in the car.

While I was waiting I sent some messages to a friend, wrote a bit in my journal, flicked through a hair magazine and then rang the friend I'd sent the messages to on their mobile phone. We chatted for a while by which time it was a much more reasonable time to be ringing a doorbell.

When I did ring the bell there was no answer. Nothing. Even some of the curtains were closed. I was worried now. I walked away from the house and waited a few minutes. Still no sign of Poppy. I went back to the house and rang the bell again. Still no reply.
By now it was gone 10am and I was beginning to think that I'd made the journey for nothing. I decided to ring the dance school and when I got no reply rang their mobile number but got no response.

At this point I was getting really worried. Had I made a trip to Bristol for no reason? I rang the dance school once more and this time left a message. Halfway through leaving the message a figure appeared pulling a bag along behind them The figure waved at me and I realised that it was Poppy. I finished up my message with a “oh she's arrived, never mind”.

Poppy's friend was away but her children were likely to be home. There was all possibility that her husband would be home too.
Poppy let us into the house and shouted to see if there was any response. Nobody replied so we assumed that everyone was out.
We made our way upstairs and into the practice room. Poppy put on some music for me to warm up to and then left to make us each a coffee.

I finished putting on my costume which basically amounted to sticking my breast forms to my chest and slipping on my heels. To avoid getting a chill I slipped in to a black cardigan I'd brought with me.
Finally properly dressed I began to warm up with a number of stretches.
I'd just finished warming up and was standing with my cardigan wrapped around me when I heard the sound of someone outside the door. Assuming that it was Poppy I wasn't too worried, she'd just come back with our coffees.
The door open and Poppy wasn't standing there. Instead Poppy's friend's husband stood there. “Sorry, I was wondering what was going on” he said.
“Dance lesson” I burst out in reply.
As he disappeared and closed the door I found myself wondering what he though of what he'd seen in the room. I'm not sure who was the most shocked. I think it was him, after all its to often that you see a scantily clad pre-op TS in your house.

A few minutes later Poppy returned with our coffees.

In order to continue with the lesson I needed to decide whether I wanted to learn the techniques and then when I'd mastered them fit them to a routine or start learning the routine and work on the techniques for the parts that I use in the routine.
When I learn things I like to be able to apply them in some way as it helps me to fix them in memory. I do this as part of my day job. Although I love to learn things just for learning sake if I need to know something then I have to apply it.
It was an easy decision therefore to go for learning a routine and picking up the techniques I need that way.
Poppy and I sat down and listened to the track that I'm planning to perform to. Its Clare Teal's Stone Soul Picnic. Its got a nice steady beat to it and its quite slow and sensuous. Ideal for a demure girl like Jenna von Risque.
We decided that the first thing I should practice was how to remove gloves. I'd picked up a pair on eBay and so off we went. The technique isn't too difficult and once you've got the hang of it then you can have immense fun with it.
After Poppy had demonstrated it I had a go. After she'd watched me do it once Poppy made me do it a second time, this time without looking at the gloves.
With a new technique to use we began to put together the start of a routine. With Clare Teal sensuously filling the room I began to bump my hips and then strut around the room. Removing my gloves, playing with a feather boa and twirling both around my head before discarding them.
Poppy kept getting distracted as I practised as instead of watching to see what I was doing she kept finding herself just enjoying the show.
After half an hour of practising we stopped so that I could learn a couple of new moves. Poppy and I lay on the floor and we worked on different ways to use the feet. Nothing difficult but very much girlish. Next time she might even show me how to get up off the floor in a graceful way. Personally I think I might need a way to get down to the floor gracefully as well.
The lesson was all too short. I could have carried on for hours as I'm enjoying this oh so much.

Towards the end of the lesson Poppy said that she was starting up an intermediate class in the New Year. She asked if I wanted to come along to the classes. I had two thoughts about that, one then and the other a bit later. My immediate thought was would the rest of the class be Ok with me being there. I asked if the class was all women and when Poppy said it was, suggested that she might like to ask the rest of the class if they have any problems with me joining in. She's going to do that but doesn't think it should be a problem. My second thought was that its an intermediate class that she wants me to join. Does that mean that after two classes she thinks that I'm more than a beginner? Wow! I'm impressed if she does.

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