Sunday, 8 January 2012

Round the Neighbours

Where I live there are 19 houses in a quadrangle effect. Apart from a couple of families that have moved in during the last year everyone has lived here since before we moved in back in 1996.
With my transition starting tomorrow I've reached the, rather last minute, point of informing the neighbours so it  wont be a shock when they bump into me as Jenna.

There are several families that we have been good friends with, the rest we know but aren't as close to.

Before Christmas I decided that I'd speak to the ones that we were close to, and write a note to the rest.

So far I've spoken with four of our neighbours. I'm hoping to catch another two but its unlikely that I'll manage that before tomorrow.

People's reaction have been positive. One person knows several transsexuals already and so didn't have any issues. Of the rest S, wanted to go to a burlesque show with me and finally met Jenna in the flesh the other day after I'd been out for a coffee and done some shopping with a friend in Yeovil. I gave her a life to work as she was leaving just as I was getting back home. Another neighbour, S, and I spent an hour and a half last Thursday evening talking about things over  coffee. She offered a offered a suggestion as to where I could get good false nails and also mentioned shopping. S also said that she'd speak to one of the other neighbours as they see each other regularly for coffee.

The feeling I get from Thursday's chat with S is that most people aren't going to be worried. If there is any negative reactions then it wont be from many people.

I've drafted out the note I'm going to put through people's doors. Just need to pop around when we get home this evening and do that. I'll find out how people react over the next few weeks. At least with all of this I'll find out who really are friends.

Just before 9 this evening I did my ninja postman and dropped off the notes I'd written. I bumped into one of our neighbours and told her as I'd wanted to talk to her in person. I then knocked on the door of another neighbour and  told her in person. Both of them were OK with the news. Now its just a case of waiting and seeing what other peoples reactions are.

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