Sunday, 8 January 2012

Foot in the door

I met up with V one of my bosses for a coffee last Friday and wore what I'm planning to wear on Monday when I return to work, blouse, trousers and a cardigan.

We went for coffee at Montacute House which is about a 5 minute drive from work. I picked V up from work and drove us there.

V thought what I was wearing was fine for work. Her only comment when I mentioned I had some roll neck tops to wear to work at some point was that she would go with V-necks but that was because she can't do roll neck. Nice idea as it gives me a few other options when I need them.

When I dropped V off after lunch J, one of the receptionists was on the desk and waved to me so I decided that I'd go in and say hello. We chatted for 5 minutes at reception before I got her to ring L in personnel who has been dealing with that side of my transition. She popped down and we chatted for a few minutes. One of the guys I work closely with walked passed but don't think he realised it was me as I was talking to Julie and had my back turned.

One of the women that works in our cafe also walked passed and said hello as I was there. On my way home I passed her as she was walking so stopped and offered her a lift. We ended up chatting about families and stuff for about 15 minutes when I stopped to drop her off which is like the chats we used to have when I bumped into her while walking to work.

A couple of the women that have spoken with V have said that they didn't see this coming. It will be interesting to see how they react when I see them. One commented that I'd have to get some hair straighteners now :-D

I'm looking forward to tomorrow now, not least because after 3 weeks leave I'm itching to get back to doing some work.

I know that I'll be nervous when I get there but as I said to L it should be pretty tame after having to perform in front of all of those people before Christmas.

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