Friday, 12 November 2010

Speech Therapy

When I saw Dr Brooks the other week she told me that she would be writing to The Laurels on my behalf in order to see if they could suggest anything that I could be doing before I ask her to refer me onwards.
Today I had a letter from Dr Brooks letting me know that she has heard from The Laurels. They have said that they do not refer anyone for speech therapy or hair removal (I wasn't expecting them to) before patients begin the Real Life Test. However, they have given Dr Brooks the name of a speech therapist at my local hospital.
The lady in question might be prepared to offer me an assessment and some advice.

Dr Brooks has asked me to let her know if I think that it would be helpful as she will write to the speech therapist. There are no guarantees that she will agree to see me though.

I know what I'll be doing on Monday then. Phoning Dr Brooks to get her to write a letter. It certainly wont harm to ask and the speech therapist might just have a bit of time available to provide me with some suggestions as to how to start working on getting my voice to sound right.

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