Thursday, 25 November 2010

All I want for Christmas is...

I've been keeping a journal for the last couple of months. What I've been journalling is based on some ideas I've been getting from a site I found a little while back. Mostly what I've been journalling is to share with a one or two particular friends. My latest journalling idea though I thought I might actually publish more generally.

What do you hope for this Christmas? Is it something material or something intangible?

This year I'm hoping for both material and intangible.

Various family members have been asking me what I want for Christmas. Do I have a list?
Usually I've got a half a dozen books and CDs that I want for Christmas. This year I've not got anything. I've got all the books I want at the moment, in fact I've still got books from last Christmas that I've not finished reading. For some reason this year I've not read many of the books that my favourite authors have released. I've read a few books but not those by the ones I've been following for years.
When it comes to music I've got pretty much all of the CDs that I want. I don't tend to go for what is being released around Christmas, anyway. If I want a CD then it will be something that I have seen at another point in the year and then I'll probably have bought it then.

This year I have nothing that I want especially.

In fact that's not quite true, there are things that I want but I can't get the family to buy them as it will be awkward on Christmas Day opening presents where I get a girls leather jacket or a new pair of heels!

What I have suggested to people is that they might like to give me money. I'm planning to get either a Sony 350 eBook reader or alternatively the Kindle from Amazon. I'm not sure which. I'm leaning towards the Sony but the books for it are apparently slightly more expensive and also Amazon sell books that are aimed at the Kindle. Although when I buy books on-line I tend to buy them from Amazon more than anywhere else so again that might be the simpler option.

Its still 5 weeks until Christmas and although I've got the cost of a Kindle pretty much covered already I've got plenty of time to decide.

So materially its a book reader that I want for Christmas.

What intangible things am I hoping for this Christmas? That's a lot easier as I can rattle off a list quite easily.

World peace, an end to suffering... Oops, that's my Miss World speech, or Miss Fabuliss if I get persuaded to enter by my Sweet.

This Christmas I would really to be stress free and peaceful. No snide remarks from my wife, no comments about scruffy hair because I'm growing it longer, no moaning about things while we're at my parents and no talking to my family and sounding (at least to my overly sensitive ears like she is talking down to them). Just a nice peaceful Christmas. Its likely to be the last one that she spends with my parents and sister, although she doesn't know it and neither do they, so it would be nice to get through it without everything blowing up big time.
What else would I like for Christmas? Well I'd love to wake up on Christmas morning and find that Santa had left me the best present of all and had gifted me with a totally hot female body, or even just the knowledge that next year I really am going to take those final steps onto the path to becoming a woman.

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