Saturday, 6 November 2010


The other evening I was on Facebook using my male account and not my femme account when up popped a couple of friends. I started to chat to them. After a while one of them had to get off to bed as she had to be up early for a day out. The other friend had confided in me that she was going through a rough patch so we carried on chatting.

With everything that she was telling me at some point I decided that I was going to share about my transitioning.

She took it in her stride and our chat got deeper and more personal. As a result of this our friendship has changed completely.

I've known her for a good few years now and have to admit that personality wise we are very much alike, I've actually thought that if I had been born into a female body then I would have been like her.

I like the way she dresses and behaves, if I had to make a list of people who I had to use as role models then she would be one of them.

We chatted until gone midnight when I finally had to bow to growing fatigue and the fact that I had to be up 5 hours later in order to get ready to go to work. 6am starts in work aren't fantastic, especially when your job is pretty much deskbound. Although realising that you've done half a day's work by the time everyone else has finally arrived is nice as is finishing work when everyone else still has half their day to go.

The both of us promised to keep each other up-to-date about what was happening.

I found myself thinking about her the following morning and hoping that we will be able to become even better friends once things are sorted out in both our lives.

That same evening I had to collect my phone as it had finally been returned from being repaired. As I was walking back through town with the plan of popping into a local department store to have a browse around and maybe buy some new lingerie before meeting up with the family who should I spot but my friend.

She was wandering around killing time too. We chatted briefly and were about the part company when I turned to her and asked if she wanted a coffee. She agreed so we went into the local Starbucks and spent the next hour chatting about out situations face to face.

I'd been thinking that morning how much it would be nice to get together with her for a drink or a coffee and suddenly there I was chatting about her problems and my transitioning over two mugs of cappucino.

Fate? I'll leave that up to people to decide but it certainly means that I have someone who knows me who can be a shoulder to cry on and who I can provide a shoulder for her to cry on.

Can't wait to have another coffee with her in the next couple of weeks so that I can find out how things have gone with her.

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