Sunday, 13 April 2014


It's Sunday and it's midday.The only sound I can hear is the gentle humming of my laptop.
Oh yes!
My motley crew have headed off to my sister-in-laws for a few days and will be back Wednesday or Thursday. Probably the former. So 3 days of chilling and doing whatever I want.



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  2. Hi Miss J!

    Sorry for deleting the original comment; I mixed up the links. Here's the original reply. :c)

    Here’s a death metal playlist for you to listen to to fill the void:

    Just kidding. :D This is more like it:


I'm actually not really a fan of these folks, but I don't mind this song - and the title fits!

    This is a bit more to my taste:

The song is lovely, and his story at the beginning about the capos is pretty funny. :c)

    He's great live, if you ever get a chance to see him when he plays your neck of the woods. He can make you laugh out loud and then be hanging on every word in a matter of moments. He is a treasure.

    Enjoy, hon!!!