Monday, 21 April 2014

New blog and changes to this one

The other day I changed the layout on the blog. Not big changes, pretty subtle ones to be honest but for a reason.

As I've posted recently my son has been in hospital to have a biopsy for a tumour. He's back home at the moment before going back in to have further tests prior to surgery.

Several years ago he had a bone marrow transplant and at the time we kept a blog so that everyone would know what was going on. That was hosted over on Wordpress, its still there in fact.

On our way back from Bristol last Friday we decided we'd start up a new blog so that we could keep people up-to-date with things without having to talk to lots of people and also without having to try and put the same updates on 3 sets of Facebook pages.

Of course now that I use Blogger for my own blog it was easier from my point of view to host the new one on here. Which led to having to think about how I can do that without having people look at my profile and find this blog, especially my son's friends. So I've removed the profile widget from this one and replace it with a simple picture and text box with a brief profile of me. My Blogger profile has also gone private so it shouldn't be possible to get to this blog from the other one.

I'm not going to continue posting about his treatment on here, if anyone wants to be kept informed then the new blog is Rhys' Treatment Blog - Again! Yes I know not the most inspirational title. Hopefully it will be the shortest blog ever though and run for only a few weeks, that's what I'm hoping anyway.

The tone does tend to be a bit different to how I write here. The original treatment blog was certainly different with jokes and musical parodies scattered throughout it, and references to food and bacon sarnies, lots of references to food in fact. If this new blog lasts more than a couple of weeks then there will probably be food references creeping in at some point, the bacon sarnies have already made it into the first post.

So this blog will be getting back to normal service. Well as normal as it ever gets.


  1. Best of luck to all of you, hon. I just read the first entry, and will continue to check in - hopefully only for a few weeks. :D (I won't comment there, for obvious reasons.)

    Thank you for the link, hon, and please give my best to Rhys!!!

    Hugs & love,

  2. Thanks Cass. I'll pass your best on to Rhys.
    Probably a good idea not to comment on there, although you probably could use the Anonymous option rather than your Google profile.
    Hopefully it will be a short blog. With any luck we'll hear something from the hospital today. Most likely at the end of the day knowing them so we have the least amount of notification that they want him to go in possible.

    From a totally selfish point of view it would be good if they could do the tests locally or if not ask us to go up on Thursday and not tomorrow. That way I can get in the laser appointment I have tomorrow afternoon. But if they want us to go tomorrow then that's how its got to be.

  3. Totally forgot about the Anonymous option. I may give that a shot. Thank you for the reminder, hon.

    Hope you can squeeze in your laser session - even if mine left me in tears tonight. The price we pay for... er, well, passing, in my case. (I hope!) lol

    Best of luck with everything, sweetie!


  4. Please do. I think he'll appreciate knowing that he's being thought about by people around the world.

    Laser session is on this afternoon. Might make the blood donor session this evening but I'm not sure at the moment. Have cancelled the electrolysis session tomorrow (probably wasn't a good idea to be zapped with needles in the same place I'm having laser anyway).

    You do realise that sometimes I just want to slap you on the arm. Of course you pass (I'm beginning to dislike that phrase). From your most recent pictures I don't think anyone would see you as anything but a female.