Monday, 7 April 2014

I Swear He Does This Deliberately

Really, honestly, I swear he does. He waits and waits until the time is just right and then springs things on us.

I've mentioned my son a few times in my posts. In his entire 16 years he's spent a large portion of that time undergoing treatment for Leukemia. At least up until he had his bone marrow transplant in 2008. Since then he has regular check-ups to make sure that he's still clear of it and also has to have daily injections of growth hormones.

Recently he's had  problem with his left foot, I hesitate to call it a canoe but he's only just over 5 foot tall and his feet are as large as mine. If they were hairy then I'd call him Hobbit, or at least call him that more often than I do. Yes, yes, I'm a terrible parent.

The problem is that despite the rest of his body being really warm his left foot can be like a block of ice. The other week we took him for an MRI scan and the results came back showing no blockages or narrowing of arteries but the blood flow was slower than it should be.

Of course not one to do things by halves he also managed to pull a muscle in his back. At least that was our thoughts but we still checked with the hospital because of the possibility that he might get secondary cancers because of the Leukemia and the treatment he had.

The MRI scan came back clear with no problems with his spine.


Oh yes, there's always a but with him.

The Radiographer who did the scan noticed a shadow on his abdomen and so wanted to have a closer look at that area. His consultant at the hospital has moved very quickly, considering how long it took to sort out tests for his foot.

Today we had an ultrasound, on Wednesday he has another MRI scan.

The doctor that did his ultrasound today was very good and talked to us throughout. At the end she told us that yes there was a mass in his abdomen and that is was located just in front of one of his kidneys but wasn't attached to it as she could see all around the kidney.

Whatever it is it's not fluid filled and there the ultrasound showed blood flow, which would seem to tie in with the circulation problem.

So Wednesday will be a MRI at which point all of the results will be packaged up and sent to the doctors in Bristol, where he underwent treatment for his Leukemia. They will review the results and then decide on what the way ahead.

As much as we are trying to keep positive we know that this could be serious. Hopefully it wont be and this will just be one of those blips.

If you have any form of faith please keep him in your prayers.


  1. You are all in my thoughts, Jenna. Best wishes to all of you.

    Hugs & love,

  2. Thanks Cass, I really appreciate that.

    Not looking forward to tomorrow, not because of the MRI but because once we've got that out of the way and had a chat with his consultant so we know what the next steps are, then we have to inform my father-in-law who we've avoided telling so far because of his health and the fact that he lives alone and would be dwelling on the worst case scenario which could sending him on a downward spiral. Fortunately my sister-in-law is going to see him on Sunday so can make sure that he's OK.